Bondi Holly

Photos: Shoshana of, Swimsuit
Photos: Shoshana of, Swimsuit

Bondi Holly, Hot Rods and Heels Texas Pin-Up Model One to Watch 2010 (Newcomer Category), graces the cover or our June Issue and talks bloody noses, “cute”, movie credits, and breeders.

Interview & Photographs: Shoshana, of Through the Looking Glass Swimsuit on cover: Tara Tonini

Q: You’re a small town girl who moved around alot as a kid.  Where are you from, and where do you consider home?

I am from Corsicana Texas and at this point, I consider Dallas to be my home. 
Q: When we met at the shoot, you said that “you grew up fast as a punk rock kid in Dallas”.  Who are some of your favorite bands?  What are some of your favorite live show memories?
Back in those days, we hardly knew who was playing. Just went for a good time, lots of local stuff. It was always fun getting in the pit. Got a bloody nose a few times, but luckily never broke it.
Q: You are a hairstylist by day, and you said it was your love of period hairstyles that brought you to pin-up modeling.  How so?

It all started when I was little. I Love Lucy played every night on one of the few stations we could get. I always watched the old Batman series and Julie Newmar won me over! I noticed how different everyone looked. I started altering my Barbie dolls until they eventually looked mutilated. Their heads are so tiny, you can only do so much! Lucky for me, I had 3 sisters and a Grandma that would let me fix their hair and that held me over for a bit.

Q: Upon entering the world of pin-up modeling, you took the name Bondi Holly.  Ok, so I get the obvious Buddy Holly reference, but you have an interesting story as to how you came up with the “Bondi” part, as opposed to something more obvious like “Betty”.  Can you share your obsession for reading movie credits and how that led to your name?

I was watching It’s a Wonderful Life. I liked it and per usual watched the movie credits. The actress Beulah Bondi played the mother and I really liked her name. This was about the time I was told to pick a stage name. Beulah isn’t really a name we associate with attractive people these days, but Bondi really stuck with me. It’s like Betty with a twist. It definitely gets the imagination going.

Q: You’ve said that you’re much better at Cheesecake then the “sexy thing”.  Why do you think that is? 

I’ve always been called cute. I don’t mind that at all, it matches my personality. I never saw myself as sexy. I suppose it is all perception. Cheesecake is cute, fun and playful. It comes more natural to me. It’s easier to project who you really are, I think anybody could say that. Then again, that’s why it’s called modeling, not, look cute for the camera.   
Q: One photographer managed to get the sexy side out of you, and you said it took all day.  What was that process like, what finally worked?

Photos: Shoshana of
Photos: Shoshana of

There really wasn’t a process. It came down to, I’m going to get her out of you and we’re not done until I do. I had to break out of my cutesy stage and realize that as a model, this was expected of me and if I couldn’t do it, then maybe I shouldn’t be! It was like the next step for me. At first I felt silly but my brain kicked my skull and I just did it!                                       
Q: What are the traits of some of your favorite photographers?
I like a photographer that welcomes you and makes you feel good about your body, naturally. Modeling is great because it takes all shapes and sizes; you don’t want to look generic. You don t want to work with anyone that tries to persuade you out of your comfort zone. 

Q: This year found you a finalist for Hot Rods and Heels Newcomer Pin-Up Model of the Year (One to Watch).  How do you feel upon hearing the news?

I am absolutely thrilled! It was the last thing I expected and am grateful to have gotten this far! I’ve had so much encouragement from my family, friends and especially my boyfriend Paul. It really means alot to me! 

Photos: Shoshana of
Photos: Shoshana of

Q: You come from a large family as does your boyfriend.  With a sigh you admitted that “at heart I am a breeder”.  Do you have plans to start a family soon?  What is it about the idea of motherhood that appeals to you so?
I do have a large family and I love it! I wouldn’t say that my boyfriend came from a large family. Loving, but not large. The term breeder is an on-going joke at my salon.

I don’t have plans to start a family anytime soon but definitely sometime down the road.  When I was growing up, I assumed that all women had children! I certainly don’t have that mentality now. It’s appealing on the level that it seems to be the most natural thing in the world. I see happiness in people that they only get from their children. All the baby vomit and stinky diapers aren’t so appetizing but like anything you don’t like, you get over it.  

Q: What’s your biggest dream? 

My biggest dream…I feel like I am where I want to be which is a good start. It is hard to say what my biggest dream is because I like to take things one step at a time. Sometimes you have to step sideways or over obstacles. It s good to have a goal and go for it but there are no guarantees. I m so happy with my life I can t really say what I would like next!  

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