Christine Fury — May 2009

Christine Fury of California lent us her images and voice in this interview for Pin Curl. Fury talks hot rods, welding, and tattoos.


How did you fall in love with the pin-up style?

That’s easy, Hot rods! I love cars, always have always will. I have loved old cars for so long(especially since I was named after a classic killer car=) When I got into restoration and welding I worked on pre 63’s. So as I began working on my own cars I started going to car shows to check out everyone else’s work, see friends and listen to music. Then instead of taking pictures of peoples cars, people started asking me to stand in front of their cars, to take my picture. It blossomed from there on.

Please describe your first shoot. Were you nervous, etc?

Hahahahaha my first shoot was a blast! My great friends from South Bay tattoo let me shoot at their shop with some of their awesome cars. I was nervous just because I was in front of like twenty of my homies and had never shot before. So I was still learning faces/poses but I just relaxed and banged it out. We had some beers, listened to some tunes and I still love those pics to this day! Even if they where awhile back=)

How do you prepare for a shoot, please describe the process.

Lots and lots of SLEEP before!!!! Haha I can’t explain how painful it is to me to shoot tired.

Who are your favorite Vixens, past and present and what do you admire about them?

I think my favorite vixen from the past, even though she didn’t model has to be Wanda Jackson. Her music has influenced my life so much for so long. She paved her own road and showed women could be strong yet sexy. I admire her hard work and determination so much. I strive to push myself as hard and break molds. A more recent vixen again is a music doll but still such a vixen. Wendy O Williams from the Plasmatics. Punk is such a huge part of my life and I loved watching her. A mo hawk, fishnets, electric tape covering her breast and a bitching attitude. She preformed her own stunts, kicked major ass and blew the box wide open on what sexy is.

What do you think about the recent surge in popularity of pin-up and burlesque?

I think the surge was bound to happen. The classic era of pin up and tease was so amazing it couldn’t be helped that people would fall in love with it all over again. Fashion, music and eras all seem to pop back up here and there in history so I think time will tell if people stay in love with it. I know I and the true fans will=)


What has been your favorite shoot thus far & why?

It is impossible to pick one. Every shoot is so different since its always different photogs, ideas,companies, and locations. I think that is one of the things that I enjoy the most about modeling. You never know what type of photos your going to get. I love being there to help people bring the picture in their head to life. Letting them mold me into what they need and being able to mold myself into different wonderful ideas from my head.

What is your advice for aspiring pin-up models?

Stand out and be yourself.

How does pin-up and tattoo culture marry in your mind?

They have always walked hand in hand. Boats coming into docks back in the day where always carrying tons of men that had their favorite sexy pin ups tattooed on them.Also covered in great flash. And now in the present people see old flash can be found in pin ups clothing, pin stripped on the sickest sleds and have finally come to find women that our heavily tattooed beautiful. Thank goodness=)

Tell us the symbolism of one of your favorite tats.

Man its hard to pick just one. All my tattoos have tons of meaning behind them and I have made sure to get slowly covered in ink so that I don’t end up plastered in things that don’t mean anything. So with that said I will tell ya the one I have that was a whim tattoo. I have “As you wish” tattooed on the inside of my lip. I got it done with my best friend on our stupid tattoo day hahaha. I had watched one of my favorite movies wayyyyy to many times the day before and had to get the line tattooed on me. Can you guess the movie? hehe

Give us a statement on alternative beauty (we define this as the non-brittany spears school of thought). Did you feel pretty in school?

Beauty to me is the ability to walk into a room and command attention. Whether it be with your grace, stunning personality or your own self confidence.

In school I felt happy with who I was but like I hadn’t grown into my skin yet. Definetally still figuring out who I was and what made me feel beautiful.

What does the near future hold for Christine Fury?

Lots of fun things that I am very excited for. Hopefully I am voted into Ink and Iron’s pin up contest in June. Participating in some other pin up contest , like Transylvanian dolls contest and show on May 30th. Hosting some really fucking rad events, like the pin up contest at the next Long Beach Car Show on July 4Th. Can’t wait for that, it will be my first hosting event.=) Hoping to not fall off the stage. hahaha Magazines coming out that I am featured in, and hopefully will be starting some burlesque dancing. I have a very fun idea that I can’t wait to do with the burlesque dancing. And then of course more shoots, companies, car shows and debauchery.

When do you know you’ve “made it”?

For me I will “make it” when ever I feel satisfied with my body of work and feel accomplished. I’m usually never satisfied so I know the hard work isn’t stopping anytime soon.=)

What’s your favorite beauty product?

Lip Smackers Dr Pepper chap stick! Hahaha I know so kiddy but I really can’t go anywhere with out it. Must switch flavors though, thinking cotton candy.

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