Drink of the Month

April/May : Fruit- Infused Vodka

Spring is the perfect time to satisfy both your DIY ethic and your desire to get loaded

off something fruity and light!  Try these great tips for creating your own Fruit infused

vodka to use in all of your summer drinks, from vodka martinis &  fruity vodka tonics,

to Citrus Tangos!  Enjoy the flavors of spring & remember- fermented fruit tastes better!

You will need:

Handful of washed & bruised fruit such as lemons, oranges, or berries

750ml Good Quality Vodka

Large Glass Jar

1. Fill your jar halfway with fruit, then add enough vodka to fill to rim and cover with

tight-fitting lid.

2. Place jar in cool dark place (like pantry) for three days to a week.  How will you

know when it’s ready?  Taste it!

3. Once you have the flavor you want, strain it.  Keep the fruit- it’s yummy but


4. Store your infused vodka in the freezer to use for one of the fruity drinks below!


Citrus Tango:

2 shots lemon infused vodka

6 oz pineapple juice

6 oz orange soda

Shake juice & vodka and pour over ice.  Add Orange soda & serve with orange wedge.


Miss Zoe’s Hello Kitty:

6 oz strawberry vodka

6 oz peach snapps

1 crushed strawberry popsicle

Blend vodka and snapps with 6 ice cubes in a blender until slush is reached.

Pour into pina colada glass and add crushed popsicle, which should settle at the

bottom.  Add the infamous little umbrella and serve!

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