Pin Curl Magazine was born April, 2009 in Dallas, Texas.  What started out as a local regional magazine, has grown to cover burlesque around the country.  Pin Curl is for ladies who redefine traditional ideals of beauty by seeking inspiration from the vintage culture of the 1920’s-50’s.   We feature interviews with your favorite burlesque stars, as well as business articles, DIY projects and so much more!

Pin Curl Magazine is published online, and we print a traditional glossy mag twice per year as a “Best-Of” print edition.   The print editions feature all of your favorite online articles and interviews from the season, along with some fabulous extras! Shop our print Editions.  Keep checking back for more on all your favorites & grow with us!

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Pin Curl Magazine founder Shoshana Portnoy is a Dallas- based pin-up photographer and burlesque producer.  She created Pin Curl Magazine in 2009 to offer readers and the community the magazine she always wished she had, but didn’t exist- until now.

In 2012 Shoshana’s Viva Dallas Burlesque became an award winning production with the coveted “The Best of Dallas” award, was honored to be selected to teach at BurlyCon 2013, and in 2014 she earned her place in the annual “Burlesque Top 50 in the World” awards presented by England’s 21st Century Burlesque. Shoshana came came in at #5 in the Most Influential Non-Performing Women Category.

Divertida Devotchka, combined her journalism major with of love of burlesque when she landed her dream job as editor of Pin Curl Magazine in 2012.   When not lighting up stages across Texas, Divertida is the mastermind behind some of your favorite interviews that grace our pages!