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To ask a question of a seasoned burlesque entertainer,model, or make-up artist: Submit your question, being as specific and clear as possible, with your first name and location. Title your email:

“ask a”.

To write for us: Please send us a short bio with samples of your work.

If you already have an idea in mind of what you think would make a great Pin Curl story, please send us a short pitch in the body of your email. Title your email:

“writer submission”.

DIY: If you have a great DIY project, please type it up in step-by-step format and send it our way titled “DIY” .  We will request photos if we decide to run it.

Please do not send attachments.

To be featured as a model, entertainer, or artist: Please send a short bio (include your location) and links to your portfolio.  Do not send attachments!

We will need to get photo release forms if we choose to publish your work, so please be prepared for this. Please title your email either:

“model submission, entertainer submission, or artist submission”.