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!cid_AC01933B-FA38-4A61-A2C8-93A54E884441@parkernetPainter Ramon Barboza talks artistic discovery, low-riders, and the untouchable goddess.

Q: What’s your earliest art memory?  Do you remember the first piece of art you created?

My earliest art memory was when I was in the second grade; I drew a picture of Elvis holding a mic.  My art teacher was very impressed and hung it in the cafeteria.  That was the first time people actually noticed that I could draw.

Q: When did you discover oil as your medium of choice?

I discovered oil as my medium of choice my senior year in high school.

Q: I recently bought an Audrey Hepburn piece at Viva Dallas Burlesque.  Did you use other mediums as well as oil paints on canvas?  Airbrushing perhaps?  Can you describe your method?

Yes, I do use many other mediums in my work. The Hepburn that you purchased was painted with spray paint.  The method I use is spraying the paint through a huge poster board cut out stencil.  This is the same concept of silk screening, pushing pigment through a filter to mass produce work.

Ramon with his art at Viva Dallas Burlesque
Ramon with his art at Viva Dallas Burlesque

Q: Local burlesque entertainers seem to show up as muses in your work often.  What is it about them that inspire you?

Well, the female nude body is the most common subject in my work.  My work glorifies the woman; it transcends her into a untouchable goddess.  So when I was introduced to the burlesque seen here in Dallas, it clicked in my head. The burlesque entertainers have so much in common with my work- strong, beautiful, confident, untouchable women that have so much power.

Q: You take commissions as well.  How does commissioned work differ from your own creations?

Yes I do commissioned work.  My commissioned work differs from my own creations a little because I am working with a customer.  The painting has somewhat of a guideline and is more or less a portrait; where as my personal work may be somewhat abstract and show more feeling.

Portrait of Coco Lectric
Portrait of Coco Lectric

Q: Why do you work exclusively in black and white?

I work exclusively in black and white because I feel that the pieces have more of a timeless appeal.  I feel that color is more of a distraction to what I am trying to get across.

Q: I know cars are important to you.  What’s your favorite car, what’s your current ride, and do you work on them yourself?

Yes, automobiles are a big part of my life.  I have too many favorite cars and trucks to name, but I lean towards muscle cars, rat rods, and any Chevy short bed. My current rides are a 2003 Silverado which is bagged; it’s my cruising low-rider.  My other truck is a 1977 Silverado; it’s my street rod weekend cruiser.

Q: What does the future hold for you personally?  And for your work?

I plan on learning more mediums and expanding my work to the next level.  I want to make huge pieces that are 10 feet tall that will make an even greater impression.

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