June 2009 — The Michelada

As summer heats up, beer sales skyrocket. Here’s how we enjoy ours.

Tex-Mex Michelada

12 oz of light beer (light in color & flavor such as Corona, Budweiser, Miller High Life)
Juice of 2 limes
Dash Tabasco
Pinch of black pepper

Salt the rim of your glass or stein, fill 1/2 full with ice. Pour in lime juice. Add Beer (careful not to touch salt or it will fizz uncontrollably; tilt glass so you don’t get head.) Finish with Tabasco and pepper.

The Real Mexican Michelada

12 oz Mexican beer, non-dark (Corona, Dos XX)
6 oz Motts Clamato
2 Dashes Jugo Sazonador (Maggi)
2 Dashes Premium Worcestershire
2 Dashes Hot Sauce (Tabasco)
Juice of 2 limes (non-yellow key limes)
Pinch of course black pepper
Celery Salt

Salt the rim of your glass or stein with celery salt, add 3-5 ice cubes. Add Beer, lime juice, and clamato in that order. Finish with Jugo Sazonador, Worcestershire, hot sauce, and pepper.

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