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What are anal beads and how do they work? Becky, Kansas

Passion Party Pleasure Anchor
Passion Party Pleasure Anchor

Dear Becky,
Anal beads are beads of various sizes attached by a string and a ring that prevent them from being dislodged and lost in space. They are inserted into the anus one at a time during sex and then removed at various speeds to heighten orgasm.

And folks, there is a reason anal toys are some of my best sellers. The sphincter contains many nerve endings that can be extremely pleasurable with pressure or stimulation. Anal beads come in various sizes. Beginners often prefer the smaller varieties, while others enjoy the intensity of larger ones. The key to using them is lubrication and relaxation. Don’t be scared of the anal beads! Just don’t rip them out like you are trying to start a lawn mower, and you will be ok. And remember clean well with a body safe toy cleaner like Passion Parties “Clean and Simple.” And note that now there are more hygienic and easier to clean versions that are now made with silicon or plastic like the Passion Party Love Wand or the Pleasure Anchor.

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