Tee Into Tote Bag


We all have a ton of old tee shirts lying around. You know the ones that you love so much you can’t throw them away, but you can’t wear them either? Maybe they’ve shrunk (or you’ve grown), maybe they’re stained or have holes. Why not turn them into a punk rock, eco-friendly, tote bag for groceries, or whatever you have to carry around?

Step One:
Lay your shirt flat, iron if necessary. Cut off the sleeves at the seam.

Step Two:
Cut out the neck, leaving a scoop effect, and a wide enough opening to stuff easily, while being careful to
leave your handles (area between neck and where the sleeves used to be) at least 1.5 inches wide.


Step Three:
Turn the tee inside out, and sew a straight line across bottom hem of the tee, sewing the two sides together. You can do this by hand or machine stitch.

You are done! Flip it back to right side out and stuff- you now have a tote bag!

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