Successfully Creating and Selling Your Image Online

A Book Review by Shoshana

As a small business owner, my beginnings were modest and I looked for every way possible to cut costs, while still being effective. I also knew that marketing and promotion is absolutely essential for every business to get noticed and then keep itself in the spotlight. What I didn’t know is the best approach to tackle these goals. I wish I had found Successfully Creating and Selling Your Image Online by Amanda Brooks sooner.


It’s true this read is book 2 (Advertising and Marketing) of the Internet Escort’s Handbook Series. Don’t let this stop you; put your preconceived notions aside and read this book from a business perspective. While Ms. Brooks is writing from the background of a successful online escort, she provides amazing insight to making the internet work for you in any business..

Like so many small business owners I have a website and consider it a major marketing tool, but have no idea how it really works. I just pay a web designer and I’m done. Successfully Creating and Selling Your Image Online taught me about SEO optimization (how to get higher on Google’s list), what a good web designer should and should not charge you for, how to create banners, as well as countless free-lance resources I didn’t know existed.

Are you a pin-up model or burlesque entertainer and want to keep your legal name and stage name completely separate and untraceable to one another? This is the book for you. In Ms. Brook’s line of work, anonymity is essential and she has learned the ins and outs of being as hard to trace as possible, and here’s a tip: just buying privacy with your domain doesn’t always cover your rear. In addition to a wealth of internet marketing resources and tips, Ms. Brooks also shoots down the popular tactic of reducing price and offering specials when business gets slow. With clear examples and illustrations Ms. Brooks proves why this is a really bad idea and works powerfully against you.

Although it would seem a unlikely place to look for tips on running a legit business, Successfully Creating and Selling Your Image Online is well written, easy to follow, and loaded with valuable information on making the internet work for you. It is an easy read and a powerful marketing and self promotion resource, and a book I recommend every small business owner pick up. For more information on obtaining a copy of your very own, visit

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