Showgirl’s Guide to Seattle

Sydni Deveraux (Photo by Kaylin Idora)

Showgirl’s Guide to Seattle

By: Sydni Deveraux

As a Seattle native I’m so excited to share my fair city with you! Seattle hosts one of the largest burlesque communities in the United States, is the birthplace of “grunge” (you remember babydoll dresses and Doc Martens, right?), will have you tasting some of the most incredible coffee, eating the freshest, tastiest fish- and you can’t throw a pebble without hitting a hipster or a hippie. I’ve chosen some great spots in each of our major areas- so let’s begin!

DOWNTOWN SEATTLE: Oh my goodness there’s so much here, so really, I would suggest for you to wander around because you can’t go wrong- the restaurants are copious, there’s tons of boutique shops, and the buskers near Pike Place Market can be incredible.
*Diva Dolls boutique: 624 1st Ave (between Cherry St & Yesler Way), Seattle, WA 98104. This is the place that I would send someone that wants to see dresses, shoes, bags, sparkly jewelry and hosiery all in one- it’s the kind of shop where a lady trying to get an outfit would get the whole shebang in one place. I recommend you really check out the jewelry though- offering lots of unique colors and settings, they have some beautiful Czech crystal necklace and earring sets.
*The Metropolitan Grill: 2nd and Marion- Now, everything you could eat here is divine (seriously, I could rave forever) but I want to send you here for something exquisite and special- its 9 layer chocolate cake! You’re going to need to split it, I’ve tried to tackle it twice only to have to take it home to tackle it again. It’s gooey, chocolatey and GIANT! Delicious!
*Seattle Waterfront’s GREAT WHEEL: 1301 Alaskan Way. The Great Wheel rests on Seattle’s Waterfront, a strange antiquated “touristy” spot hosting restaurants (don’t eat at these! there’s better ones just blocks away!), souvenir shops (postcard or magnet anyone?) and boat tours of the area. Just do the Great Wheel- for 15 plus minutes you’ll get to see the beauty of the Seattle skyline, the area across it- Alki and the harbor with its ships and the mountains across the water. Try to hit it on a clear day- grab a coffee, hop on and then make out with a friend on it too!
*Local 360: Great cocktails, enough said. 1st and Bell
*Any coffee shop that ISN’T Starbucks or Seattle’s Best Coffee– try REAL coffee. I’m a bit of a coffee snob, but seriously- it tastes different….and BETTER!
*Experience Dance Shoes: Shoes. Omg. Shoes. 912 Alaskan Way.
*Seattle Antique’s Market: 1400 Alaskan Way (across from the Aquarium) So….I LOVE antiquing. Tiny teacups, weird pictures, furniture, collectibles- all of it. So I’d be remiss to not mention a couple that I go to periodically. Get a Playboy from your birth month and year here! seriously!
*Antiques at Pike Place: 92 Steward St. This place is a jewelry HAVEN. I enter here and an hour later I’ll leave with new loves in a bag and often new desires left behind. I can’t recommend sauntering through these aisles enough- everything’s so beautiful and shiny!
*Pink Door: 1919 Post Alley (Pike Place Market) This is the venue that I produce Burlesque and Cabaret Behind the Pink Door- and if you’re around on Saturday night and are lucky to get a table (call them!) you can see the best and brightest stars in NW and those passing through shake, shimmy and tease the audience from 11pm-12:15pm. Otherwise though- they have great bartenders, yummy food and an attractive waitstaff….pop by for dinner anytime!
*The Noc Noc: 1516 2nd Avenue This bar/club hosts the Sinner Saint Burlesque Ladies every Thursday night! Consisting of some of the sweetest, most vivacious troupe members in town- this is the spot to see a thematic burlesque show, often with a saucy troupe group act at the very end. Get there early to catch their incredible happy hour (heavy pour!). Perfect for birthdays and large parties!
*The Triple Door: A venue that hosts big productions like the Atomic Bombshells and the productions of the wonderful Lily Verlaine (Behind the Looking Glass: A burlesque Alice in Wonderland, Land of the Sweets- the Burlesque Nutcracker), check out their website to see if anything on their calendar tickles your fancy!
*The Can Can: 94 Pike St. This venue and dinner place hosts the Can Can Castaways, a high octane cabaret troupe that has been the house troupe for years. Not burlesque, but you won’t care- the show is upbeat, highly choreographed and you won’t forget the name Johnny Boy after you go!
*Zig Zag Cafe: 1501 Western Avenue. I would be spanked by locals to not make a mention of the place to get a perfect manhattan- they care deeply about their cocktails, and the tucked away nature of the place is perfect for a date on any night!

CAPITOL HILL: This part of town used to be known as the most colorful part of Seattle- walk up and down Broadway for little shops and interesting people watching. In particular though- hit up:
*Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque: 915 E Pine. 2nd Floor of the Oddfellows building. The only burlesque academy in Seattle and one of the most famous in the world, created by Miss Exotic World 2011, the original Twirly Girl, Miss Indigo Blue! Make sure to check out the website for their classes, enroll and enjoy! Featuring basic and advanced classes in movement, twirling, act creation and more!
*Red Light Clothing: 312 Broadway East Seattle WA 98102, (206) 329-2200 This is a proverbial mecca for strange vintage dresses, denim, costume items and more. You could potentially get lost in here for an hour or more!
*Vivace Coffe: Across the way from Red Light- this little hole in the wall kiosk situation is the bees knees for COFFEE. I’ve been going since my mom brought me there for her cup of joe in 1990. Seriously.
*Trendy Wendy: 211 Broadway East. This shop has little club dresses, jewelry and lots of stockings, panties and purses. It’s that store you hit when you’re looking for something flirty, something FLASHDANCE.
*Metro: 231 Broadway East. Looking for latex? A gas mask? Some fetish shoes? Check this place out. There’s stuff for men here too! Check out the store right next to it playing the booming techno too- their jewelry sales are usually worth it.
*Pretty Parlor: 119 Summit Ave E. This place is exactly what it sounds like. I LOVE this place and have never been able to leave empty handed. Cute negligees, one of a kind custom pieces from local designers (Jamie Von Stratton, y’all!), vintage, jewelry all in an ambience that makes you want to have a tea party in it. Go!
*Crypt off Broadway: 1516 11th Avenue. When I was younger, my stepparent managed this place, and when I was 18 I could actually walk into it and OH MY! All the toys, shoes and COSTUME items too (corsets with steel bones, etc.)! Not for the shy or fainthearted. Really.
*Electric Tea Garden: 1402 East Pike. This nightclub is known for bringing some of the best underground DJ’s in and making you dance until 4am. Serves drinks until 2am and then put some bass in your face!
*Dick’s Drive-in: 115 Broadway Ave E. This iconic stop is THE place for a good ‘ol hamburger, fries and milkshake. Inexpensive and tasty- it’s been featured in countless documentary shows mentioning Seattle. You’ll smell the fries from a block away!


Photo: Kaylin Idora

QUEEN ANNE: This is a really cute area, and walking up and down Queen Anne avenue will be adorable, but there’s really only 1 place I want to send you in this area….
*Rhinestone Rosie: 606 W. Crockett. This one is off the beaten path but MORE than worth it. Just like the name denotes, THIS IS A STORE DEDICATED TO RHINESTONE JEWELRY. I can’t speak highly enough of this store….gorgeous sets, reasonably priced. She also does restoration!

SODO: South of our sports pavilion are mostly industrial complexes, but a hidden gem awaits!
*Pacific Galleries Antique Mall and Auction House: 241 S. Lander St. This place you could potentially be digging around for the afternoon- no clothes, but tons of jewelry, art, furniture, collectibles, signage and more! I love this space- tea cup shopping has never been so fun!

FREMONT: Prepare to spend a morning or afternoon walking around Fremont. If you do it on a Sunday, you’ll catch their incredible Farmer’s Market- and believe me, it’s so much more than vegetables! Antiques, clothes, jewelry, food….all of it. And after you’ve walked through, go here:
*Fremont Vintage Mall: 3419 Fremont Pl. N. All of the things, people. It has all of the things! I particularly love the handmade jewelry in the lower floors cases, but I’m sure you’ll find something here that you absolutely cannot live without.
*Costas Opa: (across from the Vintage Mall, but on the corner!)- This Greek restaurant is the best in the City. Family owned and cozy….order the flaming cheese!
*Bellefleur Lingerie: 3504 Fremont Place N. Gorgeous lingerie- really, what else makes a lady feel special!
*Revel: 403 N. 36th. A showgirl needs her energy, right? I don’t eat meat anymore, but when I did, I dreamed of this place. Go for me, would you?

There are other areas in Seattle to enjoy, but none so exciting as the ones I’ve named above- if you have rented a car, though- check out West Seattle (the Junction at California in particular) and Ballard (boutiquey shops, great happy hour at Bastille!). Remember- drink our coffee, carry an umbrella, explore, and enjoy! I hope we see you at my show!

Sydni Deveraux
“The Golden Glamazon”

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