Samantha Knight

CandyCloud 048eSamantha Knight was just crowned Texas Pin-Up Model: One to Watch (the Newcomer category) at Hot Rods and Heels. Here she chats med school, Patsy Cline, and standing out in a crowd.  Photos: Shoshana of Through the Looking Glass Studio, MUA/H: Ladonna Stein

Q: Congrats on being crowned Texas Pin-Up Model: One to Watch. Since this is the newcomer category, you obviously have had a whirlwind year. Tell us about that very first shoot, your goals for yourself as a model this year, and how you achieved them.

My very first pinup shoot was with Alvarado in Los Angeles. I had never shot pin-up before but I really wanted to get into it. I loved all the bright colors and the super cute clothing. I was really nervous because I was used to shooting more glamour and editorial fashion and the poses are a little different. My best friend took video of the shoot and looking back I can say I’ve definitely come a long way cause it was a hot mess. Some goals I set for myself this year so far was to try and change my look frequently. I change my hair a lot. I started out as platinum going more gray/white and slowly went to a darker purple. Next I plan on going more platinum mixed with either pink or soft lilac, more for work purposes. A few other goals was submitting more work to get published and designing more clothing for shoots. I love making bright colored vintage inspired clothing.

Q: I hate the word “scene” but sometimes it is necessary. Breaking into the “scene” can be difficult, what were the three biggest lessons you learned this year? What advice would you give to ladies who want to pursue pin-up modeling?

One thing I’ve learned with getting into modeling is to never give up and to stay positive. Secondly, you have to really network to get your name out there whether it’s online or going to different events. Lastly, you have to work with different photographers. It really helps working with different styles, different people like different things and that will only make you a better model. Advice I could give other ladies is to be yourself and bring your own flair into it. When it comes down to it pin-up is pin-up and you have to put your own flair in it to make it pop and be different.

CandyCloud 007eQ: You have a very unusual look with your purple cotton candy hair. How do you maintain it, and do you feel standing out so much has helped or hurt you overall?

Maintaining my hair is pretty easy. My natural shade is a fairly light blonde so my stylist doesn’t have to do much to get it light. I go in probably every month and a half and get it touched up. I was using a water rinse on my hair but this last time my stylist mixed something up and it takes like 3-4 weeks for it to finally fade. It stays in there pretty well. I feel like standing out actually helped a lot with my modeling. It stands out and draws attention so I feel like people notice the unusual weird stuff. haha.

Q: In addition to modeling, you’ve had a busy year with school. I understand your studying medicine with the goal of becoming an OB/GYN. How did you know this was the career path for you?

Ever since I was a little girl I told everyone I was going to be a doctor, actress and figure skater. Yes I really believed I was going to be all three of those when I was little. I have always enjoyed science and the physiology of the human body and of course helping people. When I first started college I changed my major from pre-med to fashion design my sophomore year and I took a break from school to figure out what I really wanted and I started back this last fall with the determination of going for what I have always truly wanted to be an OB/GYN.

SamCandyCloudQ: If you could have dinner with any five people, living or dead, who would they be and why?

Jayne Mansfield, I love Jayne Mansfield, she loves the color pink, heart shaped things and chihuahuas, how could I not want to have dinner with her? Marilyn Monroe, I’ve be in love with everything Marilyn Monroe since I was a little girl when I started watching her movies. Patsy Cline because I love her music and grew up listening to her. Reese Witherspoon because she’s my favorite actress. Lastly, Betsey Johnson because she is one of my favorite designers.

Q: What does the future hold for Samantha Knight?

Traveling around for shoots is definitely in the works right now. I am currently in the works of teaming of with a friend who makes clothing and we plan on traveling together so that will be awesome. Hopefully more publications in different magazines, I get so swamped with school sometimes I forget to submit. Also finishing school, that is my ultimate goal right now for my future.

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