Rose Darling

Rose Darling as Alice.  Photo: Through the Looking Glass  MUA/H: Rocio Vielma
Rose Darling as Alice. Photo: Through the Looking Glass MUA/H: Rocio Vielma

Since going solo a year ago, Dallas’ Rose Darling has been performing everywhere from Chicago to New Orleans, while still saving some time for Dallas. Rose talks geeks, Batman, and the pervertazzi.

Interview & photographs: Shoshana of Through the Looking Glass

Q: You have been solo a little less than a year now, yet you’ve had some amazing opportunities already! What are some of your most memorable accomplishments to date and why?

The way things keep going, my last accomplishment becomes the most memorable. I keep getting involved in more and more exciting things. My last now being the New Orleans Burlesque Fest. My first festival and my first time in New Orleans. And I got to perform, not only at the House of Blues, but in New Orleans, for a burlesque festival. How cool is that? I was so lucky to be chosen and have a chance to meet all the people I’ve been watching perform on YouTube in awe and see them perform in real life!
Q: Some of your performances and appearances have a comical super hero slant to them. Do you have an inner geek? (I use geek in the sexiest way)

I don’t think it’s quite considered an inner geek, as soon as you meet me I think most people figure that out. hah!

And to be honest, this whole sexy thing came way later than the geek thing. Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing dress-up when I was little, but I was brought up by computer programmers. It’s in my blood to be geeky. In fact, I’ll be making an homage to that side of me in a future dance. My friend Chris was joking that if I was a Goonies character, I would be the Asian kid (Data) with all the gadgets. Haha!

I’ve done a Barbarella number, as you know, cause Barbarella is just awesome. She’s in space, has limitless amounts of costume changes and she’s hot. Sounds perfect for a burlesque number to me! The Ms. Marvel themed Dr. Sketchy’s I got volunteered for, not that I’m complaining! When I was a model for a figure drawing class in college, there was this one guy that would always draw me as a superhero. I think my figure leans towards those superhero woman, you know: tall, big boobies.

Rose Darling as Alice.  Photo: Through the Looking Glass  MUA/H: Rocio Vielma
Rose Darling as Alice. Photo: Through the Looking Glass MUA/H: Rocio Vielma

Q: If you were a superhero, who would you be? What would your name be- what powers would you have?

My favorite superhero is Batman, he’s kinda James Bond like. Suave with lots of gadgets (see a trend here?). As far as me being a superhero, well I can’t tell you my superhero name for the sake of being caught by the evil villains that are trying to stop my do-gooding ways. My powers would to be able to transport myself anywhere at any time. Make clones of myself that will do my work for me (so I can do more important things like, you know, saving the world). And being able to see through people’s clothing so I can see them naked. Hot.
Q: What was one thing that really inspired you during your New Orleans experience, or one big lesson you learned?

There are many lessons I’ve learned, some from watching others, some from my own experiences. What I’m really working on now is connecting with the audience. When I was watching the Queen of Burlesque competition in New Orleans, the ones that impressed me the most where the ones that connected with the audience. There is something about that. Me, personally, while I was in the audience felt like I was being held up by the little pinky of whomever was dancing. If you looked at my face I would have had this happy spacey grin. I was connected.
Q: After performing in several US cities including Chicago, New Orleans, and Dallas, are their regional trends you have spotted or observations you have made about the different communities?

Every city has the pervertazzi! I can’t really say there was a trend in each city. All girls have their own influences and flavors.
Q: You can have dinner with any five people, past or present, who do you choose and why?

Lauren Bacall she’s a sharp talking badass with class.
Tom Robbins (an author) he would be cracking dirty jokes to keep me laughing but stimulating the conversation at the same time.
Paul Pope for those who do not know him, he’s my favorite comic book writer/illustrator but he’s also thoughtful and well read.
Dorothy Parker she’s another sharp talking BAWC (I think you know my type now).
Don Draper (ok I’m doing imaginary, too) I don’t think I need to explain this.
Q: What does the future hold for Rose Darling? Any upcoming projects we should know about?

I would like do more out of town gigs. I was also thinking about keeping the trend of applying to burlesque festivals in cities I’ve never been to. Bonjour Montreal!

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