Miss Malicious — June 2009

Photo: Tim Bennett
Photo: Tim Bennett

Miss Malicious, winner of Texas Performer of the Year at Hot Rods and Heels, talks about diversity, The Lollie Bombs, and pushing boundaries.

How did you come to burlesque? Do you have a background in dance?

I didn’t even know there was a scene here in Dallas until a friend of mine…Ms. Lawless, told me that I should try out for her Burlesque group the Lollie Bombs. And, almost two years later, here I am! Yes, I do have a background in dance. Tap, Jazz and Ballet..a bit of Modern dance as well. I was also a gymnast for a few years. I have been dancing and acting most of my life and this is a great way to combine both!
You have a history of doing very non-traditional pieces with a high level of story-telling in each piece. How do you describe your unique burlesque style?

My style is a bit punky and modern. I like doing pieces that have a bit of substance or an underlying story or are a bit political or, at times, a little disturbing. I like the ability to do something that you usually don’t see. I never wanted to blend with the crowd. I am loud and a bit sarcastic and I think that comes across in everything that I do.

How do you respond to those who feel your style may not be “true burlesque”?

I just think to each their own. I don’t think that I could even pull off a “true classic” routine! There are girls that do a wonderful job of it and I will leave it to them.
The Lollie Bombs are the veteran Dallas burlesque troupe and have achieved a level of notoriety that is rare. What is the secret of the Lollies success?

Diversity and the ability to push boundaries. We are always trying to think up things that are new and interesting. You have to keep people entertained and you can’t do that by doing the same numbers show after show. Our choreographer, Eric Hall, is a huge help to us and I don’t know where we would be without him. He is always game for whatever we bring to the table.

How has the Dallas burlesque scene changed since you came on the scene?

I became a Lollie almost two years ago and I have just seen it explode! There weren’t this many girls doing burlesque when I first started and now there is a wonderful mix of everything! There are more venues and variety shows, New Orleans is going to put on a first annual Burlesque Fest, and it is wonderful to see all of the interest and support for this art form.
Even though you have been a Lollie for many years, 2009 saw Miss Malicious on quite a few bills as a solo performer. It is harder to be recognized as a solo performer when you are part of a troupe? Describe your process of seeking out bookings as a solo performer in addition to bookings as a troupe.

It can be harder to be recognized as a solo performer but it is no secret that all of the Lollies can be booked individually. When I hear about a show I just say “hey, need another performer?” If they like my style then they say yes, if not, I don’t get my feelings hurt. It’s the name of the game. Not everyone is going to like what you do. Bookings as a troupe are usually easier. We have an every other month gig at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre and we love it there! They are truly awesome. We will do conventions and out of town performances. People want the variety and they get what they pay for.

Photo: Maria Hibbs   Hat: Tara to the T
Photo: Maria Hibbs Hat: Tara to the T

You recently earned the “Texas Performer of the Year” title at Hot Rods and Heels. What was that experience like?

It was awesome. I was in the running with some lovely ladies and was surprised and excited at winning. It is great to be recognized. I don’t perform to get awards but I can’t say it isn’t nice!
Where do you find inspiration for your new numbers?

The entire world around me is inspiration enough. Plus I have a bit of a sick sense of humor. 🙂
Who are your favorite vixens? [I use vixen to describe women present and past who use their sex appeal to inspire & gain notoriety]

Of course all of the greats…Betty Page and Dita Von Tease. There are also performers of a different nature like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna who paved the way for a lot of things to happen for women. There are so many women who inspire many to be whatever they want to be.
What does the future hold for Miss Malicious?

I hope great things! I love to perform and entertain people with my sarcastic and punky flair. Being on stage is almost second nature and I will do it for many years to come.

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