March 2010 — Dirty Martini

In honor of Miss Dirty Martini’s scheduled Dallas performance in March, we thought we’d give you the recipe for her namesake. “Dirty” refers to the amount of olive juice added, feel free to adjust your level of dirty to suit your tastes. Enjoy!

Classic Dirty Martini

2 oz gin
1 TBsp dry vermouth
2 Tsp green olive juice
2 green olives

1. Place small amount of water and an ice cube in a martini glass and place in freezer for 2-3 minutes.

2. Fill martini shaker with all of the ingredients, less the garnish. Cover and shake 3-4 times.

3. Remove glass from freezer, and empty. Strain contents of shaker into glass. Spear olives onto toothpick and add for garnish. Serve.

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