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Pin-Ups for Pit Bulls’ Little Darling is a pin-up model with a passion for Pit bulls.  She has two bully breeds of her own, Carla Lou and Baxter Bean, as well as a Harrier, Zoe, and a Lab/Shepherd mix, Lexi.  Here she talks bully breeds, horror films, and t.v. debuts.

By: Femme Vivre LaRouge

How long have you been performing burlesque and pin up modeling?

I have been a dancer since I was in my mother’s womb.  I grew up in a French-Moroccan family, so I was around a lot of belly dancing and the like.  I began performing burlesque in the early 2000s and Pin Up modeling around 2005.  I am in love with the culture of female empowerment and enrichment.

Your videos show that you have a delightful knack for blending classic with cult classic!  How would you classify your performance style and what are some of your influences?

I am a bit of a strange ranger when it comes to burlesque.  I really enjoy pushing boundaries, horror films, and movies in general, so when I’m creating an act, I really like it to tantalize as much as it entertains my audience.  I feed off my crowd, so it’s always important for me to theme my numbers around the venue and theme of the show.  I am primarily influenced by the song I choose but am also influenced by magazines, art, and film.

You’ve done a spectacular job taking two of your (rather dissimilar) loves and combining them to create an organization that is much more than just a clever name.  What prompted you to found Pinups for Pitbulls?

Why, thank you!  I was doing a lot of pin up modeling at the time and was noticing how quickly my images received attention by “fans” on places like myspace and my website. At the time, I was equally aware of the negative press associated with pit bull-type dogs, so much so that over one thousand pit bull-type dogs were being taken away from responsible families in Denver, CO, solely based on how they look.  I realized I had a look that was getting attention and a cause that needed ample attention, and the perfect marriage began from there.  I have a dog named Carla Lou who I adopted 15 years ago; she was my inspiration to start Pinups for Pitbulls, primarily living in fear of the day that a law could pass like it did in Denver and take my best friend away from me.


Please tell me a little about the work that you do with Pinups for Pitbulls.

We do a lot of different things to help encourage educated advocates who can further our mission.  For instance, we host education seminars and utilize positive reinforcement trainers and educators like Drayton Michaels ( and Don Clearly (National Canine Research Council).  Additionally, we put out an annual pin up calendar to showcase beautiful animal advocates and their dogs in a manner that shows how goofy, intelligent, and wonderful these dogs are.  We love all dogs at Pinups for Pitbulls; we’re not breed specific here.  Our calendar is used to showcase this type of dog to help us dispel myths associated with the public’s view of these dogs and their “tough guy appearance.”  In addition to our advocacy work, we host fundraisers, events, and tables to help fund raise to continue our cause, to sponsor urgent dogs in need, spay/neuter, and more. Lastly, we host events nationally and are hoping to be able to host them internationally soon, since these discriminatory issues are worldwide.

What are some of the myths about these dogs that you are endeavoring to dispel?

There are so many.  First and foremost, we aim to educate the public. We want them to know that you cannot judge a breed, or breed-group in this case, based on appearance, similar to the theory that you should not discriminate against your fellow human based on skin color, disability, religion, etc. We set out to dispel myths related to locking jaws on dogs, “brain swelling,” and other ridiculous claims that have been disproven by reputable veterinarians and researchers.

Please tell me all about your experience being on the show, Pit Boss!

It was an incredible experience working with Shorty, Ronald, Geisha, Hercules, and their team!  It happened so fast and before I knew it, we were done. Shorty has a wonderful staff of employees and the TV Team was exceptional to us!  The show really helped further our national and international reach.  Our fan base has doubled and maybe tripled since our time on the show.  We are so grateful to him for his help in furthering the cause and educating the public against all forms of discriminatory behavior.

What would you like to share with us about the film, Beyond the Myth?

Beyond the Myth is a film about dogs commonly referred to as “pit bulls” and those who love and defend these breeds.  It explores the contributing factors behind the public’s generalized fear of “pit bulls” and examines the conflict existing between advocates and opponents of breed discriminatory laws.  It also investigates the myths associated with the breed, and challenges the idea that they are inherently vicious, or born with more aggression than other dogs.  More info can be found at Pinups for Pitbulls sponsored the film and will be hosting an event in tandem with NJ Aid for Animals on 11/21/10 in Voorhees, NJ to feature this film for its first NJ Premiere.  Tickets are available on the Beyond the Myth website.


How can our readers get involved?

Check the Datebook on our website for upcoming events near you!

Interested in volunteering, please write to

Interested in hosting an event, please write to

We open the casting call for 2012 Models in spring 2011.  Please be sure to join our Facebook fan page and email list off our website to be the first to hear our latest news.

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