Lashing Out


With: Black Mariah

Recently, I discovered that many of you ladies are having difficulty applying your false eyelashes, or worse, won’t wear any at all, because you are not confident in applying your lashes. Consider this article your “falsies for newbies” guide to applying eyelashes properly and safely.

1. To apply eyelashes on your own, first begin by washing your face with a PH balanced, oil free cleanser of your choice. Pat your face dry with a towel and do not moisturize your face just yet. Your lashes should be the first item you apply in your make-up ritual.

2. Take your lashes out of the package and remove them both from their seats on the insert. Lay each eyelash on the insert you just pulled it from (this helps keep the lashes from being placed on the wrong eyelid). If you need to make your lashes smaller, this is the time to do so. Lashes are made larger as you can make them smaller, but never larger. To reduce the size of the lash, use small detailing scissors and snip in 1/8” increments from the inside of the lash that sits closest to the nose.

3. Pick up your lash and pinch the lash tips between your fingers in your non-dominant hand, exposing the lash band towards your face. With your lash glue tube in your dominant hand, place the tip of the glue at one end of the lash band and squeeze gently until the glue comes out of the tip. Run a thin line of glue along the band of the lash to the opposite end. Lay the lash down with the glued lash band facing up, and repeat with the other lash. When both lashes have glue applied, pick up the first lash on which you applied glue. The glue needs 15-30 seconds to cure which is why you place glue on both lashes before applying so work diligently.

4. Grab the lash by the lash tips and close the eye you are will apply the lash onto. Remember, that the lash band is going to be placed just above the eyelash line! Do not place your lash on your lash hairs! Removing eyelash glue from hair is next to impossible and very painful. Center the lash where you want it to stay and press the center of the band into the center of the eyelid, then press the edges down out towards the ends of the lash around the curve of your lid to the edges. Hold the ends for about 10 -15 seconds. When you let go, the lash should stay against your lid. If not continue to hold another 5 seconds. Repeat with the other eye.

5. When you are finished, feel free to then moisturize and continue with your regular make-up regiment. Try not to be distracted by your new divine peepers while you work. You have a show to get ready for!

Next month, individual lashes with visual help!

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