Knit Summer Flower Barrette

(Beginner knit project)

small amount of worsted or sport weight yarn (about a yard will do)
size 8 knitting needles
embroidery floss
embroidery needle or yarn needle
1 (or more) glass or plastic bead(s)
hot glue gun/hot glue
barrette or hair clip of some kind

First, let me say that I’m not exactly sure where this pattern came from. I have made so many of these over time, that I just “know” how to do it! I think it came from one of the “Stitch N’ Bitch” books. If you know where it came from, please let me know so that I can give proper credit and thanks to the originator!



Cast on 50 stitches

Row 1: K.

Row 2: K2, *K1, slip stitch to left needle, lift next 5 stitches over and off the end of the needle, K slipped stitch again, K2; repeat from * to end.

Row 3: K.

Row 4: *P2tog; repeat from *to end.

Row 5: *K2tog; repeat from * to end.

Cut yarn (leave a small tail) and thread tail through remaining stitches.

Whip stitch the “edges” to form a flower.
Use the embroidery thread to create the design on the flower.
Add the bead(s) for a little bit of shimmer.
Hot glue the finished flower to the barrette or hair clip.

It’s that easy! The pattern takes about 15 minutes to complete and these look really cute in clusters. You could do this with a smaller needle and lighter weight yarn and get much smaller flowers to create a headband or a group to add to the top of a snood.

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Happy knitting!!

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