Kali Ann — June 2009


Kali-Ann, winner of Texas Pin-Up to Watch (the newcomer category at Hot Rods and Heels), sits down with us to talk designer labels, pop music, tattoos, and Cheaters
How did you become interested in modeling? Please describe your start.
One of my best friends, Phoenix Taylor, is a photographer and would take beautiful photos of women. I wanted to do one after seeing them so we did a shoot. It is crazy looking back at the first shoot to the photos now. So, I dabbled in it over the next few years, only really doing shoots once a year.. Last May was when it really took off for me and I started doing it several times a month. Meeting new photographers and companies to work with helped keep me busy.  
Describe your Hot Rods and Heels experience: the contest, the show, and winning your category.
I had a blast at Hot Rods and Heels. I haven’t been to many burlesque shows but the more I go to the more I fall in love with it. The people in the community are so nice and so supportive of the girls on stage that it seems hard to have a bad performance. I got to be a part of the Model Showcase/Fashion Show. I got to model fashions from Tara to the T. This was my first show to really get to know some more of the girls which was the best part of the whole show. The contest was all in fun but I do appreciate all the votes I received to help me win. Though I think all the gals that were nominated should all deserve a trophy. 
The original pin-up movement didn’t include tattoos, mainly because not many American women at the time had them. Please describe your passion or both pin-up and ink. Do you feel the two go hand in hand?
Well, my passion started with tattoos. I have worked in the shop for almost four years therefore I have lots of tats. I am the type of person if you are gonna do it you might as well do it big. So my goal is a body suit.   I started out doing more glamour modeling but over the past few months have gotten into pin up. I have always had the sweet tooth for vintage, my favorite part is getting my hair done. I think that hair styling itself is an artform and I thank all the ladies that have sculpted my hair. I don’t think tats and pinup go hand in hand but I think that they do cross over quite a bit. People like variety these days so if you can throw a tattooed chick in the mix of some classic beauties in will give it a little spice.

Do you identify with the “alternative beauty” movement?
It’s hard not to be. I have my face tattooed, how can I not be an alternative beauty? Do I want to be limited to that no but I do accept the fact that I am not your normal runway fashion model or classic pin up. And if you can make it with tattoos or pink hair then bravo!  
You have said that “you can have tattoos and still love designer shit”. Are their any pre-concieved notions about you that you would like to dispell? Do you feel your ink has limited the work you do?
I just hate being labeled. Just because I have tattoos doesn’t mean I have to dress a certain way, listen to a certain type of music and only be friends with other tattooed folks. I like nice clothes, I like pop music and I get along with everyone. I do think my tattoos will limit the type of work I can do, but I just consider it a hurdle I have to find my way around.  I might not make it but I will at least try my hardest.
What has been your favorite shoot thus far and why?
Wow, a hard question. I think every new shoot becomes my favorite. I feel like I progress each time and I try to top the last shoot with something bigger and better. This last shoot was with Phoenix Taylor featuring the makeup artistry of Luisa “Panic” Abrego. There were a lot of models involved with the shoot along with hair and makeup gals. It seemed like a little party. Shoots that you have fun on are def the ones you remember.  

Who are your favorite vixens? (women past and present who rule with their strong sex appeal)
Athena Fatale
Angela Ryan
Courtney Crave
Erin Go Braughless 
Dita Von Teese
Betty Page
If you could work with anyone (photographers, other models, etc) who would it be and why?
I would want to work with models Raquel Reed and Mosh. I love a woman that can pose her ass off. These two women have been the ladies that I have looked up to since I got started. They know how to rock the camera! I love Mosh’s fetish work and Raquel’s electric pop style.
Ok, We can’t help it: Please describe your Cheaters experience. (For those readers who don’t know: Cheaters is a “reality” t.v. show where people get busted cheating on their boyfrends/ girlfriends/ spouses) Any regrets? Was any of the reaction staged? What was the feedback you recieved?
 OH MY! No regrets, I try not to fill my life with those. If you caught my name on the show was Kelly. So, I was being a character on the show, not myself. I was filming the show with two girls I work with. It was all in fun. My “girlfriend” and I became friends with a few of the bikers at the bar we were at so they were protecting me and yelling at the other girl. I had cut myself when I broke a beer bottle and had blood running down my face. Everyone I have talked to about it said it was pretty crazy watching us girls cat fight. Someone even asked if my boyfriend knew I was cheating on him – so I guess we did a good job at making it look real.
What does the future hold for Kali-Ann?
I am starting to get everything together so I can launch my website very soon. I am planning some trips over the next year so I can go work with some awesome photographers. I plan on going out to Arizona and New York this year. But what I really want to work on is starting a burlesque career.  I am getting ideas together now and going to start working on a routine. So, hopefully at the next Hot Rods and Heels I will be in the one to watch entertainer!

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