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Jayme FoxxJayme Foxx sits down to talk marriage, life in L.A., her hosting career, Monroe the Chihuahua, and Wu Tang Clan.

Interview by Divertida Devotchka. Photos: Shoshana of Through the Looking Glass Studio

Q: In addition to your extensive modeling experience, you also host a number of online/mobile shows. How did you get into that and how long have you been doing it? What is the best part about these gigs? The most challenging part?

I found my niche with hosting/interviewing after I moved to Los Angeles.  I was approached by a web-based TV show called Altitude TV (recently bought by Revolver TV). I went in and did some green screen tests for them. When they offered me the job, I was surprised and a little nervous. I never really pictured myself doing that kind of thing. I always had my sights set on modeling. But it was rewarding to take on a new adventure and challenge.  And as it turns out…I absolutely fell in love with hosting!  It’s an amazing experience to interview people who have accomplished so much, are so driven to continue to succeed, and who are so passionate about what they do.  I get to meet people and do things that people dream of … and I get paid for it!  I am one lucky girl.  The most challenging part of the job is scheduling.  Trying to line up the perfect window of opportunity for everyone to meet and spend a couple of hours whenever they are already so busy can be hard.

Q: You just got married in April of this year, correct? How’s married life?

It is going very well!  I was never one of those girls that really pictured herself getting married.  Whenever I met my husband it was seriously love at first sight. As cheesy as that sounds, we both dove right into the deep end. Six months after knowing each other he proposed to me, and a year later we got married! There is no one else on the planet I would want to be married to. He is awesome. It’s weird to see your future in someone else! I never could see past a year or two with other boyfriends (sorry guys) but honestly with him I can see forever!

Q: You’ve been modeling since age 12 and just returned to Dallas from a stint in LA. What are some of the major differences between working and living there as opposed to here? What made you decide to return?

LA will always hold a dear place in my heart…from a distance.  I loved living there! It was fun, exciting, and the opportunities and experiences I had were awesome!  Before moving, I traveled to LA quite a bit for work. But living there… you’re in the hustle and bustle of the city – constantly dealing with fake people, getting parking tickets for everything, inhaling smog…and the TRAFFIC!!!  It’s a tiny city with a lot of opportunity, but there are too many people fighting for those opportunities and they’ll do anything to “make it”.  Don’t get me wrong – I love California! I am blessed to have lived there as long as I did and accomplish what I accomplished in my career, but moving back to Dallas has made me a much happier person!  I moved back to Dallas last year simply because Brad and I got engaged and having a long distance engagement was not something we wanted!

Q: Your dog Monroe is featured with you in several of your photos and he’s obviously a big part of your life. I also saw that you’ve done some work with PETA. Would you consider yourself an animal activist? Why or why not?

Oh man!  That little guy is the apple of my eye!  Monroe is a Blue Merle Chihuahua! He is about to turn four.  I don’t have any kids of my own but I feel as if I gave birth to him.  The Peta 2 shoot was AWESOME. I was so stoked when they asked me to be a part of it. It was an anti-fur ad for Fred Segal.  We posed with live bunnies and did a small interview on buzznet.  It was featured in AP Magazine, as well as other publications.   I wouldn’t say I am an animal activist. I don’t have any plans to blow up any facilities or do anything extreme, but my heart is very connected with animals.  I don’t like abuse or animal testing.

Jayme Foxx for Pin CurlQ: What are your professional and personal aspirations for the future?

Well, professionally I would like to continue to focus on and expand my TV hosting career. Maybe one day you’ll see me on MTV or VH1! In my personal life, I just want to grow old with the hubby, have babies, and live to be 87!

Q: You have some interesting tidbits about you on your website, such as the fact that you can play the saxophone, you don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, and you can quote almost every Wu Tang Clan song. Care to share more about any of these things?

HAHA! Well the Wu-Tang story is short and sweet. When I was in 10th grade, I had a friend named Raul. He had this “W” drawn really big on his notebook, and I asked him what that was. He explained all about Wu-Tang and the 36 chambers. Then he pulled out his Walkman and played some songs for me. At the time I was heavy into old school punk rock, so it was pretty funny to see me jamming out to Wu Tang. I just really connected with the Wu. Haha!

As for the other stuff – I just try to take good care of myself. I’ve never been a smoker and I’m not really a drinker. I haven’t had a soda or anything carbonated in 10 years. I don’t do much dairy (no milk), and I take a bunch of herbs and vitamins to keep me healthy for as long as possible.

Q: Anything you’d care to add?

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