January 2010 — All Things Champagne

3 oz orange juice
1 oz champagne
In tall flute glass, first pour orange juice, then champagne. Do not stir — you’ll lose the bubbles!

Velvet Swing
6 oz Champagne
.5 oz port
.5 oz cognac
Rose petals
Pour champagne, then port and cognac. Do not stir! Add rose petals allowing some to sink to the bottom.

Pom Pom Champagne Cocktail
1 shot pomegranate juice
1 shot pomegranate liquor
6 oz Champagne
In tall flute first add all things pomegranate, and then top with champagne.

1 peach, pureed (or 3 shots of peach nectar)
6 oz Champagne
First peach, then champagne. Serve in tall flute.

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