Ensure Kisses This Christmas

Ashley and her rescued pit bull Snickers.  Photo: Shoshana, Through the Looking Glass
Ashley and her rescued pit bull Snickers. Photo: Shoshana, Through the Looking Glass

An excited child waking up Christmas morning to find an adorable new puppy, what’s more timeless? If you’re thinking of adding a four legged friend to the family this year, please adopt. Think of every reason you can to purchase a pet, rather than adopt…..now give us ten minutes of your time, we just might change your mind.

In the U.S. over 7 million healthy dogs and cats are euthanized every year.

That’s over 19,000 per day! If you live to be 100, and said the name of one animal every day that was euthanized, you would not be able to honor the memory of even 25% of these animals. In Dallas/Ft.Worth alone, over 100,000 dogs and cats end up in shelters annually, with 69% being destroyed. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

You can be part of the solution.

Choose the Right Pet for You

Thousands of animals are surrendered daily by owners who chose the wrong pet for their lifestyle. By taking the time to choose the correct pet for your situation, you may save a life. Here is a website that helps you make the right choice.

Never buy an animal. Choose adoption.

This is simple supply and demand. If no one is purchasing dogs, breeders will stop making more. Hopefully one day we will get to the point that all dogs and cats have been adopted and being a “responsible breeder” is possible and viable. We are not in danger of that day coming any time soon.

Myth: I want specific purebred. This means I have to purchase my dog.

Fact: There are rescue groups all over the country that deal with specific breeds. You can get a purebred dog without purchasing a dog.

I have two beautiful purebred Siberian Huskies. I adopted one, and rescued the other when his litter was left on the side of a Texas highway. They are beautiful, fun, and loving dogs and I am constantly complimented on them at dog parks all over the city- and I didn’t pay a penny to a breeder.

Links to Purebred Rescues in Dallas/Fort Worth:
Adopt a Husky
Adopt a Pit-bull
Adopt a Cocker Spaniel
Rescue a Greyhound

There are countless others, just Google “Adopt a ______ (breed) & _________ (city you live in)”


Myth: It is cruel to spay/neuter an animal.

Fact: Recovery time is a matter of days in most cases. Spaying and neutering also eliminates a slew of health problems for your pet including: pregnancy complications, reproductive cancers, hernias, and Perianal gland adenomas.

Myth: I have a purebred, and he/she is too beautiful/smart/exceptional not to reproduce. I am giving a gift to others by creating more dogs/cats in this line.

Fact: No matter how exceptional your pet is, the fact is that pet overpopulation has reached crisis levels. There a literally millions of animals in shelters waiting to die. If even 1% of those animals are as amazing as your pet, that’s far too many to justify intentionally making more animals.

Myth: I will be a responsible breeder.

Fact: I argue that there is no such thing. Responsibility involves looking out for the welfare all of all animals, not just the ones you have in your yard and who can add to your income. What happens all too often is unwanted pregnancies. No matter how closely you watch your pet, there is a stray animal watching them closer, and they will break fences and leashes to mate with your pet. The results are often unwanted mixed breeds that end up in shelters, and ultimately are put to death.

Myth: It is too expensive to spay/neuter.

Fact: There are low cost programs all over the country, the most notable being the SPCA. At the Dallas SPCA you can spay/neuter a cat for $40-$45 and a dog for $50-$100 based on weight. Contact the clinic here to schedule an appointment.

Can’t Take on Another Full-time Pet, But Want to Help?

Foster Animal Rescues all over the country are in dire need of foster families. Many cover the costs of the foster care including vet bills, food, medicines while you provide a loving temporary home. While being a foster parent can be challenging when it comes time to release the pet to a permanent home, the rewards are amazing!

Donate Donate time or money to an organization that rescues animals. Or purchase items from their stores for everyone on your holiday list. Something as simple as choosing to purchase your holiday cards from a rescue organization can save a life, and encourage others to do the same!

Broke? Loving dogs and cats in area shelters are in need of folks to volunteer to feed them, walk them, and snuggle them.

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