DIY: The Perfect Shave

bikini_line_shaversDIY- The Perfect Shave

While winter is the time when most are considering becoming lazy with their shaving, those of us in the industry don’t get a break of being perfectly shaving under unforgiving spotlights.  Here’s some of the best tips we’ve gathered for getting the perfect shave and avoiding unsightly bumps and razor burn.

Step 1: Sugar Scrub

This step is great for prepping the skin before shaving.  A good sugar scrub exfoliates and lifts all of the little hairs so they are easier to get in one swipe.  Many companies make great options, or you can make your own using equal parts white processed sugar and oil (avocado, almond, or olive) and a few drops of your favorite scented oil if desired.

Step 2: A good shaving gel & really hot water

Good shaving cream or gel makes a huge difference.  I wish the manufacturers had better names for their products, but alas products like Koochie Kreme actually work really well.  There’s also Bikini Zone’s Anti-Bumps which is great and has a much less offensive name.

Step 3: A good, new razor

Seems simple, but you’d be amazed how many gals use cheap disposable razors, or the same razor way too many times.  Use at least a double blade razor and no more than three shaves out of any one razor.  If you shave your legs at the same time, you may be down to two uses.

Step: 4 Pat dry, don’t rub

When you leave the shower, pat yourself dry.  Rubbing can irritate the already sensitive skin of your bikini zone.

Step 5: Solid, white, unscented, antiperspirant

Using a solid, white, antiperspirant over the newly shaved areas will go a long way in preventing redness and bumps.  I like Dove Unscented.  Be careful though, as this is intended for outside the body, so make sure to not get your overly sensitive areas.

Repeat steps often, as the more often you shave, the less “shocking” it is to the system each time.  Less re-growth, means less razor burn, ingrown hairs and bumps.

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