DIY: Menorah Merkin

Schlep Sisters. Photo: Don Spiro
Schlep Sisters. Photo: Don Spiro


Menorah Merkin/Hanukkah Hairpiece

Depending on what Hanukkah party you’re going to, you’ll want some holiday bling to stand out in the crowd! If it’s a family gathering your hairpiece will be the most festive fascinator at the party. If you’re planning a sexy date or a holiday burlesque act your merkin will remind your sweetheart or audience where to find the miracle of light!


  • Buckram (hat-making material; you can substitute with card stock or cardboard)
  • Silver and/or gold fabric
  • Red, orange, yellow and black tulle (optional)
  • White, red, orange, yellow and blue sequins or crystals (it’s your choice, get creative!)
  • Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
  • Beacon Gem-Tac (The Schlep Sisters preferred decorating glue)
  • Menorah stencil (see attached photo, print out according to your sizing needs.)
  • Hair comb (optional)

In honor of the eight days of Hanukkah, here are eight easy steps to making this interchangeable miraculous merkin/festive fascinator!

MenorahStencilWeb1. Print out your Menorah Stencil

Make this any size you want, you know how big your head/merkin area is!

2. Turn on your hot glue gun

It will take 1-5 minutes to heat up depending on your glue gun. Put the glue gun on top of a piece of cardboard covered in tin foil to prevent any mess on your table.

TraceTemplateWeb3. Prepping the base of the merkin/hairpiece

Print and cut out the stencil and trace it on to a piece of buckram. Cut the buckram and, voilà! You have a buckram menorah!

4. Glue and sew the comb to your buckram menorah (optional, you can also just pin your fascinator on with bobby pins):

Sew the comb to the buckram and reinforce with hot glue.

MenorahwSilverWeb5. Glue buckrum to fabric

Using the hot glue gun, glue the buckram menorah to silver or gold fabric and trim off excess fabric. Let it cool to a warm (not hot) temperature. Then place and form it on your head/merkin area.

DecoratedHannukahMerkinWeb6. Decorate!

Use Beacon Gem-Tac to decorate your merkin/fascinator with sequins/crystals. It takes about 24 hours to dry, but it dries clear! Our preferred design is white for the candles, and red, orange and yellow for the flames. Blue to line the Menorah. Optional: add tulle to the flames to create a flowing fire/smoke look!

7. Wear it!

Wearing it as a merkin? Apply double-sided carpet tape to your merkin, remove the backing and apply to an (ideally) hairless merkin area. Please advise, we’re not advocating for a hairless bush. We just want to prepare you for the potential ouchies of taking off a merkin.

8. Werk it!

Wearing at as a fascinator? Style your hair or wig to showcase your beautiful locks. Attach your Hanukkah Hairpiece with bobby pins if you didn’t glue on a comb. You’ll be the shining light of the party!!

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