DIY: Lipstick Stain Removal

LipstickStain1We tried all of the natural methods: toothpaste, ammonia, club soda, etc.-  but one little product that’s about $15-$25 dollars beat them all on removing lipstick stains; especially on costume pieces that couldn’t be thrown into the washing machine!  Make-Up Artist Ladonna Stein to the rescue with MAC: Cleanse Off Oil, and no- they aren’t paying us to say that. This product was made to cut through oil, which is good, considering that’s exactly the staining ingredient in lipstick.

MACStep One:
DAB the product on gently.  Do not rub or you will spread the stain.
Step Two:
Let sit 2-4min for product to break down the stain.
Step Three:
BLOT with a damp rag or paper towel.  Stain should minimize dramatically.  For non-machine washable products like costumes, repeat this process until in stain is gone.  For more everyday clothing, repeat until stain is barely visible and throw into wash.  Check that stain is completely gone before drying.HHWife-075

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