Deanna Deadly

Deanna Deadly.  Photo: Micheal Rosen
Deanna Deadly. Photo: Micheal Rosen

Chicago’s Deanna Deadly talks traveling, inappropriate conversations, silent films, universal monsters, and latex.

Interview: Femme Vivre LaRouge.

You have been modeling for about three years, correct?  You’ve done a great deal in that amount of time!

Thank you so much!  I’ve been modeling about three and a half years now.  Time flies!  I honestly have not done half of what I wish I could have accomplished in the last three and a half years so I’ve been doing overtime on the traveling and shooting this past year.  Workaholic!

Although you now reside in Chicago, rumor is you will soon be a jewel in Dallas’ crown- is this true?  And if so, to what do we owe the honor?

Now where did you hear that?  I’m a Chicago native and frankly just cannot get used to the cold!  I love the windy city and will always be proud to be from here but it’s definitely time for some new scenery.  I am very seriously considering moving to Dallas sometime in the middle of next year after I’ve done a lot of traveling I have planned for the beginning of next year!  Dallas really left a positive impression on me when I was there in November and I’m coming back again in January!

Deanna Deadly.  Photo: Tim Bennett
Deanna Deadly. Photo: Tim Bennett

You have a very impressive resume and a great deal of traveling under your belt.  What are some of the most enjoyable destinations you’ve traveled to for work?

Thank you!  I honestly have enjoyed everywhere I’ve traveled.  I can find something good in every city and state I’ve visited.  I really prefer the South, though; people are generally nicer, as well as the weather.  I think Texas, Florida, and Massachusetts are my favorite places I’ve had the privilege to travel to.  I am heading to England next March though, so that might make the top of my list

What is your favorite style/genre/time period to model and why?

It’s hard to pick a favorite!  It sometimes depends on the outfit…If I’m working with a really amazing designer in Pin Up, Goth, or Fetish genres I’m pretty happy.  Anything elaborate or over the top I love.  I’m a huge fan of Silent Films and the vibe/atmosphere they give off so the rare times I shoot something with a late 1800s or 1920/30’s vibe I’m very inspired (which means I should be shooting more of it)!  I’m also a horror movie nerd and get very inspired by Universal Monsters and Hammer Horror films as well as some of my favorite Post Punk and Deathrock bands.

Deanna Deadly. Photo: House of Velvet. Designer: Victoria Velvet
Deanna Deadly. Photo: House of Velvet. Designer: Victoria Velvet

What avenues have you found to be most successful for finding bookings?

Networking on every site imaginable!  It used to be I had to find 99% of the work I made; you can’t just sit there and wait for it to come to you!  But luckily it does pay off and now over half of my bookings the photographers are the ones seeking me out!

A girl can never be too careful in this business; when shooting with a photographer for the first time, what safety precautions do you take?

I agree.  I always check references.  I ask as many models as I can that have shot with the particular photographer I’m planning a shoot with about their experiences with him/her.  I also am really cautious of how they talk to me online, I’ve not responded to a few people who have said inappropriate things before we even get to the shoot.  You really just have to trust your instinct!

Deanna Deadly. Photo: Tim Bennett
Deanna Deadly. Photo: Tim Bennett

What is your favorite part about your job?

I think being my own boss and doing things my way is probably what I love most about my job.  The travel and the many different kinds of people and new friends I make all the time are also huge perks.  Of course, the corsets, Latex, and beautiful outfits I get to wear make the job a little easier too

What motivates you?  Do you have a strong network of supportive people in your life or are you more of a rogue adventuress?  What do you enjoy doing when you’re not modeling?

I can honestly say that lately I’ve found inspiration almost anywhere I look and I’m trying my hardest to keep in this mindset!  The start of a new year, kind of like a clean slate, is the biggest motivator for me!  I think I have some really great fans and a few good close friends but I definitely feel like a Rogue adventuress probably more often than I should (Love that term by the way!)  Most of the time when I’m not modeling right now I’m planning for all my trips next year or planning some of the other exciting new things I’m going to be trying out next year…They are within the artistic genre but not exactly modeling, so I hope I’ll surprise a few people

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