Dayna Delux

Dayna Delux recently traveled back home to Dallas for a baby shower with friends a family and we were lucky enough to have her carve out an afternoon for us.  Here’s what she had to say about pregnancy, motherhood, and baby furnishings. 


Interview & Photographs:  Shoshana Portnoy, Through the Looking Glass Studio

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Dayna Delux -- photographed by Shoshana of Through The Looking Glass Studio









What was your first reaction to the news that you were pregnant?  How has it changed now?  (Are you more nervous than excited, etc)


 I already had a feeling I was pregnant but I was still surprised. I took like 8 pregnancy tests that day just to make sure. The first day or so we were in shock but excited now it has turned to nervousness! Time is getting close and I get more scared.


Do you have any names picked out?


We have a list of names but I am not naming him until I see him. I’m sure it’ll just come to me!


What has been the high point of the pregnancy?  The low point  (did you have icky morning sickness, etc)?


Well I was pregnant with twins and I lost one around 3 months so that’s the lowest point, but the highest point is knowing I still have one healthy baby boy coming. The 2 and a half months of puking my guts up was awful too.


Funniest pregnant moment:

 There have been so many… I suppose to me the funniest is the fact that my belly gets in the way of everything. I haven’t gotten use to it yet and it knocks things over and I bump into everything.


Did anything about pregnancy catch you off guard?  Something no one warned you about:

 People can warn you all day about things but until it happens to you won’t understand or believe it.  I didn’t believe my friends when they told me my hair dye wouldn’t stay and they were right. The color just washes right out!


Wanna give your fans a sneak inside the nursery?


We have been working on the baby room for weeks now. It’s a slow process with everything being so expensive. We are doing a nautical theme with sail boats, anchors, nautical stars, lighthouses, etc. I hate little kid looking stuff like teddy bears, Winnie the Pooh, and sesame street stuff. I think his room might look a little grown up for baby but it’s really for us anyway right? Ha Ha



What are the top three things you hope to instill in your son?


 Morals, consideration, confidence!


What is your idea of motherhood/ family life?

 Honestly I have no idea. I’m shooting in the dark and I pray I get it right.


How will you introduce your life as Dayna Delux, pin-up model to your son?

 I think he will just grow up with it because hopefully I’ll still be working. I hope I won’t have to tell him about when I use to model. Fingers crossed! 🙂




How will you juggle being a working mom?

 I’ll juggle it will my loving husband and good friends I hope.



Speaking of your husband, how’s he handling the news?


My husband is so cute and excited about the baby. He has been searching for the perfect Angles baseball outfit for months now and can’t wait to take him to his first game. He has also picked out the first car they are going to work on when he turns 14. It’s so great to have a supportive partner. I can’t wait to teach him how to swing dance and get him his first skate board. So many fun things to come!!



How will your work or working style change, or will it?

 Well I don’t think style will change at all but work will I’m sure. People will have to work around my schedule more than before and I’m sure I won’t have time for the little fun shoots. Only serious work now that I have less time.



What’s next professionally for Dayna & personally?


Everything, Why stop at one thing, I’m up for anything and focused. I’m going to be getting settled into being a mom and learning what that’s all about. My whole life is changing so everything is going to be new!

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