Cure-Alls: Three Truly Essential Oils

Three natural cure-alls that truly are the most essential of oils:

Traveling or on a tight budget, or both? Then it is especially important to have one product that does everything.  Here are my top three picks for all natural cure-alls.

Tea-Tree-OilTea Tree Essential Oil

Antiseptic – Use on cuts before bandaging.

Pimples– Dab undiluted on zits to banish.

Cold Sores/Herpes– Works faster than any product at banishing cold sores.  If you use when you first feel the tingle of a cold sore coming on, you will never get the blister.  Just dab undiluted on affected area.

Dandruff– Mix 60 drops tea tree oil with 6 fl oz. water and put into an empty spray bottle (preferably glass over plastic).  Spray liberally on scalp after showering to get rid of dandruff.

Athlete’s Foot– Dab directly onto affected area three times daily to cure athlete’s foot.  Once per day will prevent.

Coughs & Colds– Add 15 drops to a bowl of just boiled water.  Lean your face over the mixture, cover your head with a towel, and breathe in the minty steam.

Prevent Colds and Flu– Add 10 drops to a large shot glass of warm water and gargle daily during cold & flu season to kill the bacteria and viruses that cause illness.  (Do not swallow!)

aromatherapy-with-lavender-oilLavender Essential Oil

Unwind–  Stressed Out?  Dab a drop or two on your wrists or on the spot just below the ear and above the jaw to inhale the calming scent anywhere.  Better still- add a few drops to your bathwater or your pillow.

Blisters, Mild Burns, Rashes, & Bug Bites– Grab a 4 oz empty wide mouth jar and add the following: 3 oz carrier oil (olive oil, hemp oil, grapeseed oil, or sweet almond oil are good examples), 30 drops tea tree oil, & 30 drops lavender oil.  Shake to mix, then apply directly to affected areas until problem is gone. Store mixture for up to two months.

Eye Strain– Too many hours on Facebook?  Add 2-3 drops to a warm washcloth and cover eyes.

orange with bottle isolated on whiteOrange Essential Oil

Anti-Inflammatory- Grab an empty jar and mix 30 drops with 3 oz of carrier oil.  Apply to inflamed muscles or skin as needed.  Store mixture for up to two months.  (If you are using often- careful when going outside, as orange oil increases your sensitivity to the sun.)

Anti-Depressant – Dab a drop or two on your wrists or on the spot just below the ear and above the jaw to inhale the uplifting scent and kick the blues.  Add a few drops to a scent warmer to lift the spirits of an entire room.

Digestive Issues- Use massage oil mixture above on abdomen to aid digestive issues such as bloating, cramping, and diarrhea.

Anti-Spasmodic/Cramps– Use massage oil mixture above on muscle spasms.  Also works for menstrual cramps.

Detox– Add 10 drops to your bath water and soak to help the body rid toxins, and boost the immune system.

Bug Repellant– Fill a 4 oz spray bottle with water and add 30 drops orange essential oil.   Spray liberally on yourself, and your surroundings- doorways, windows, or your campsite to prevent pesky intruders.  If you are using for more than several days, be aware you will be more sensitive to the sun- keep your skin covered to prevent burns.

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