Top Five Movie Picks

Have a little extra time on your hands during the cold winter months spent inside? Check out our list of Pin Curl Magazine’s Top Five Vintage Movie Picks for Winter.


Burlesque Undressed­­
2010. Produced by and Starring Immodesty Blaize

The mighty Immodesty Blaize has done it again in her documentary of The Tease Show which was a smashing success in Europe. One of the most famous modern burlesque performers Miss Blaize is featured throughout the film, as well as performances and interviews with the biggest names in modern burlesque including: Perle Noire, Kalani Kokonuts, Dirty Martini, Michelle L’Amour, Catherine D’Lish, and Kitten D’Ville.

Burlesque Undressed chronicles the history of burlesque from its European roots to its American Revival. Also included in the film are interviews with burlesque legends Dixie Evans, Satan’s Angel, Lily Ann Rose, and The First Lady of Burlesque April March.
Burlesque Undressed is now in theaters in Europe, and will be available on DVD there in February. Which begs the question — but what about the American fans? Glad you asked! Dallas will be home to the U.S. film premier! We are proud to announce the U.S. film debut of Burlesque Undressed, as well as live burlesque performances by some of the top stars in the film including Immodesty Blaize will take place in Dallas in March and is presented by none other than Pin Curl Magazine!

Watching all the talent, glitz, and feathers is a high definition spectacle not to be missed (not to mention Immodesty Blaize’s first ever performance in Texas!)

I’m No Angel
1933. Starring Mae West and Cary Grant

Nominated for Best Picture in its day, I’m No Angel may be the legendary Mae West’s best film ever. The story of famous glamorous shimming side show performer turned lion tamer, this is a brilliant woman chasing her dream story. Curveballs are thrown at her when she falls in love with a man, only to have her ex interfere, but she wants it all — and she gets it.

Some Like It Hot
1959. Starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, and Jack Lemmon

This Oscar-winning film, finds two struggling musicians running from the mob. In order to avoid being killed, they dress in drag and join an all girl band, but things get complicated when one of the musicians falls for a female band mate. This comedic thriller is sure to become a favorite!

The Notorious Bettie Page
2006. Starring Gretchen Mol

While Bettie fans give this film mixed reviews, it did earn two SAG nominations and is well worth a watch. This film focuses on a side of Bettie few knew, the innocent, naïve country gals that she was. Chronicling her life from her very first shoot to her legal battle, which all but forcefully removed her from modeling, this film strives to give an accurate pictorial of the Notorious Bettie Page.

**There is also a new Bettie Page documentary in the works. This one claims to be an authorized biography, made with Bettie’s full cooperation. For more info and projected release dates, visit the official site Bettie Page Reveals All.**


A Wink and a Smile
2009. Produced by and Starring Indigo Blue

This film documents the lives of ten ordinary women, as they enroll in and complete Miss Indigo Blue’s Burlesque training course. With performances, clips, and interviews from almost all of the heavy hitters in Seattle’s current burlesque scene, this is a show every fan of neo-burlesque should see.

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