Amber Deville — Model of the Year

Through the Looking Glass.  MUAH & hat: Amber Deville
Through the Looking Glass. MUAH & hat: Amber Deville

Texas Pin-Up Model of the Year, Amber Deville recently sat down with us wearing a hat she made herself, to talk oatmeal, Bettie Davis, and horror films.
Cover photo: Through the Looking Glass.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I had peaches and cream oatmeal with water- yummy.

How did you fall in love with the pin-up era?

The musical Gypsy with Natalie Wood is how I feel in love with the pin-up era. My grandmother, the late Betty Jean, showed me the movie when I was thirteen and I just fell in love with it. I love how it showed the old vaudeville circuit and the burlesque dancers including Gypsy Rose Lee. I soon learned about more pin-up gals such as Maila Nurmi, Bettie Page, Tempest Storm, Marylin Monroe and so on . I just love the style, what can I say?

How did you get your start in modeling?

My mother put me in modeling school at the age of fifteen; it was the Kim Dawson agency. There they taught us how do walk the runway, pose in front of the camera, and how to do your make up just right for certain styles of photography. That’s where I started out, and here I am now.

You recently earned the title of Pin-Up Model of the Year at Hot Rods and Heels. Tell us about that experience.

Oh my god, I had so much fun at the event and I really did not expect to win. The other ladies are great models as well. It was such a great surprise, and I am so happy that people like what I have done so far. I expect to be putting more and more out there and working my little butt off. But yes, I am grateful that I won and I would like to thank Hot Rods and Heels for putting together a wonderful event. I can’t wait till next year!!

What is your biggest accomplishment so far?

Well, I would say the biggest is winning Pin-Up Model of the Year. This year has been so great, and I only hope it gets better.

What advice would you have for a gal who wants to get started in the pin-up modeling world?

If it is what you want to do, but you have people saying you’re not good enough- don’t listen to them. Work towards your goal; in the end it will all pay off. Don’t pay attention to the negative critics- you will get those, so you have to learn to let it go and just do what you love to do.

What are three characteristics of a professional model? (What skills should ladies bring to a shoot?)

Always show up to a shoot on time and don’t cancel at the last minute unless it’s an emergency.
Always come prepared and be ready to model your butt off.
Don’t be mean to your photographer- they work hard to get you great pictures.

Photo: Leah Noel Photography
Photo: Leah Noel Photography

Who are your favorite vixens?

That would be Miss Bette Davis! I love her movies- she was not afraid to say what was on her mind and did not ever care what the critics thought. She was always willing to take on a challenge. Bette Davis was and always will be an amazing actress and woman of her time.

Is “drama” an issue in the pin-up community? How do you handle it?

If there is an issue I don’t get involved in it. I think its best just to avoid drama and just have fun!

What does the future hold for Amber Deville?

I am hoping to get more into acting- I am filming right now. The movie is called Trace. It is a horror film by Remy St Paul…I am hoping to get more roles in other movies. I am also going to be modeling a lot more so be on the look-out for new sets to be posted. I love keeping busy and hope to accomplish a lot this year.

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