DIY Male G-String

Beloved Emcee and costume goddess Cora Vette, owner of Denver’s one stop burlesque shop VaVa Vette, gives us the lowdown on how to create your own custom fashions.

This DIY will focus on constructing a male g-string. You’re welcome…photos to follow…

I run a male burlesque troupe called Cora Vette’s Hot Rods. We recently opened a new show in Denver and I found myself needing to make some more costumes for the guys. So, I thought, why not share with the Pin Curl readers something different? Penis pouches!

When I first started working with the guys a while back, I really didn’t know where to start. It’s easy to go to the store, buy and embellish something if you are a woman…at least as a starting off point when you’re a beginner in burlesque. But, for men it’s not so easy. Since I make most everything for both the VaVaVettes and the Hot Rods I was looking for something more interesting. But, I digress…

I asked one of the guys to go out and get a pair of underwear that he liked, bring it to me, and I’d decorate it. He came back with a pair of fancy designer ones that cost a small fortune. Problem was, that even though they were expensive…they still just looked like underwear. Then, I spent lots of time with his underwear…and started to have an idea. Ha!

I’d figure out how to make them myself. And, I did.

Step 1)

Cut a 7 inch square of stretch fabric. Easy right? This can be made bigger or smaller according to your needs. Heehee. (I’m just having fun now.)

Step 2)

Fold it in half with right sides together.

Step 3)

Stitch along FOLDED edge very close to the fold. Gradually, curve the stitching at the last couple of inches. Remember to use a stretch stitch or a zigzag stitch.

Step 4)

Trim edge close to the stitching.

Step 5)

On the wrong side fold raw seam to one side and sew that down. You know, for comfort and all.

Step 6)

Turn under and finish the edges of the pouch.

Step 7)

Cut 3 elastic pieces. One piece your hip measurement minus one inch, one 10.5″, the other 5.5 inches. All of these measurements are give or take and adjustable for your comfort. These measurements work as a baseline for my guys and fittings would be…awkward.

Step 8)

Sew the ends of the waistband together, mark the center and sew the pouch top to the underside of the waistband.

Step 9)

At the center back, mark and pin the 10.5″ elastic on either side of the center back. I use 4.5″ on either side of the center back as a good measurement. This way it has some slack in the elastic and creates a nice butt accent. Sew.

Step 10)

Find center of 10.5″ elastic and pin one end of the 5.5″ elastic to the center, then, pin the other end to the bottom seam of the penis pouch. Sew.

Voila! A male version of a g-string! You can skip the 10.5 inch elastic piece if you like and just make the other piece longer…but I like the way the extra piece frames the tush myself.

So there you have it. A man’s teeny tiny g-string for you to decorate any way you like! Again, You’re welcome…I do it because I care.

Happy sewing!

Xoxo Cora Vette

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