Essential Make-Up Brushes

brushes-bar1The Importance of Good Make-Up Brushes

By: Ladonna Hearne

“I know that one of the most important steps in make-up application is blending.  I want to invest in a good set of make-up brushes without spending a fortune.  Have any suggestions?”  Amanda, Dallas

Dear Amanda,

You are correct!  The first step in achieving a flawless makeup application is using a good set of brushes. This is especially important for blending eye shadow. A good brush will end up doing most of the work for you!

You can find good brushes in many places- I recommend MAC, Sephora, or Coastal Scents. I have even seen some good ones from Wal-Mart and Target, but you do have to know what to look for to get a decent cheap brush. A good brush should be very soft.  You’ll want to avoid synthetic fibers as they are coarser and stiffen with use.

It is important to keep your brushes clean.  Do this by using a brush cleaner, which can be purchased pretty much anywhere makeup is sold, or use a mild shampoo and water.  Rinse well. When immersing your brushes in water, always keep the bristles pointed down and lay them flat to dry. This prevents water from getting into the ferrel- the metal part of the brush holding the bristles.

On a limited budget, you can get away with just five brushes.

My top five essential brushes are:

Foundation –

MAC 116 brush – use this firm but fluffy brush in a circular buffing motion to blend   foundation seamlessly into skin.  For areas that need more coverage, use a pressing motion then blend with the tip.

Eye shadow –

MAC 224 brush – This is the best brush for blending eye shadow as you apply it!  Use a tight buffing motion combined with a back and forth windshield wiper motion. You can get a lot of detail with this brush by controlling the amount of bristles that touch the skin.

MAC 239 brush – this brush is great for controlled and dramatic application of shadow on the lid and blending the lower lash line.

Eyebrows and Liner-

MAC 266 brush – Helps create precise perfect eyebrows or use to define the lower lash line by “stamping” shadow between the lower lashes. You can also use this brush with liquid and crème liners.

Lip Brush! – Any lip brush makes a huge difference with control and precision of lipstick, especially with bright and dark colors

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