A First-Timer’s Guide to BurlyCon

WEB-burlycon2013A First-Timer’s Guide to BurlyCon

By: Divertida Devotchka

We here at Pin Curl are making our very first journey to BurlyCon this month and we couldn’t be more excited! If you’re like us, you’re probably super excited but also a little overwhelmed by all the information, activities and FUN in your near future. So a gal (or guy!) has gotta plan, right? We decided to put together a handy dandy guide for all you first-timers out there to make navigating BurlyCon 2013 even easier!


This can be nightmarish for some of us habitual overpackers – (ahem, me) but I digress. BurlyCon offers the following suggested packing list, which will be super helpful while trying to talk myself out of bringing everything I own.

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that according to BurlyCon, the event “is intended to be a weekend ‘off’ from show mode so be sure to dress for comfort! If you think you’ll need a glamour fix be sure to pack accordingly.” So no, you probably don’t need 4 of your most over-the-top outfits per day like you might at BHOF (unless that’s just how you roll; then go on with your bad self!) Here is the sample suggested packing list from BurlyCon’s email list:

  • Comfortable clothing – think yoga pants!
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Dance wear for classes
  • Character/dance/tap shoes for classes
  • Warmer layers, jacket, raincoat/umbrella (Seattle in November – it’s going to be cold and rainy!)
  • High Heels
  • Gloves
  • Swimsuit (pool and hot tub at the hotel!)
  • A robe (to wear over revealing outfits in public hotel spaces)

You’ll also want to pack for any of the special events that you plan to attend.

Thursday Night: Vintage Meet & Greet
Bring your favorite vintage outfit for this annual mix & mingle time!

Friday Night: Class Photo!
Come ready to party at BURLYPROM for your Class of 2013 BurlyCon photo!

Friday Night: BURLYPROM!
Wear your dream burlesque prom inspired outfit!

Saturday Night: BurlyCon Movie Night
Fabulous and comfortable pajamas are suggested!

Extra Stuff to Bring:

  • Makeup
  • Hair accessories
  • Fans/boas/etc
  • Notebook for classes
  • Business cards/promo
  • Cash for vendors

New BurlyCon Guidebook App

Next, for navigating your trip while you’re there, the fine folks at BurlyCon created a fabulous app this year for all you tech-savvy burlesquers! You can access the entire class schedule, vendor information, maps, local food & shopping locations, presenter information and more all in one easy to access location! Click here to download the app and access BurlyCon’s schedule on your smart phone.

The non-mobile online version is also available, so even if you don’t have a smart phone, you can still keep up with everything by clicking here.

Other Events

If you happen to make it into Seattle early, we highly recommend this show, Foxy Tann‘s Afrodisiac, featuring The Luminous Pariah, Sydni Deveraux, Jeez Loueez, RedBone, and more! According to our friend and Seattle local Sydni Deveraux, you can take the train from the convention hotel to the venue for fairly cheap!

WEB-BurlyCon 2013 - Afrodisiac Show

If you don’t have full days of classes, we’re jealous if you get to go to this. It’s at Goodwill. It’s called a Glitter sale(!!!) and they’re supposed to be selling “all that is glitzy and glamorous” (think gowns, accessories, jewelry, what have you.) We may have just ruined a Seattle secret stash… Sorry Seattle locals! This looked too good not to share! Go my friends, and get your glitter fix!

And last but definitely not least, don’t forget to re-read Sydni’s Showgirl’s Guide to Seattle, in which she dishes on all the hot spots in town for food, drinks, shows, shopping and more!

Do you have other fabulous BurlyCon tips, packing suggestions or Seattle spots you’d like to share? Comment below! We’ll see you there! Come say hi!

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