LaDonna Hearne

LaDonna Hearne.  Photo: Through the Looking Glass
LaDonna Hearne. Photo: Through the Looking Glass

LaDonna Hearne sits down to talk Hot Rods and Heels, TFP, her upcoming marriage, and how getting fired changed her life for the better. Hearne will be teaching a workshop in make-up at 5pm at Hot Rods and Heels on May 15th

Interview: Divertida Devotchka

Q: You’re doing a pin-up hair and makeup workshop at Hot Rods and Heels this year. Have you ever done a workshop before? What are your expectations?

I have taught lessons and done a few workshops over the years. I feel really confident that the workshop will be very informative. I will mainly be covering the basics of a classic pinup look, but I will answer any questions that may come up. I also offer private lessons that can be scheduled with me at a later date.

Q: What’s the best advice you can offer a gal who wants to do create her own pin-up look?

The best advice I can offer to create a pinup look is to focus on the lips and keep everything else clean and simple. A well defined eyebrow also nicely pulls together a pinup look…and false eyelashes!

Model: Courtney Crave.  MUA/H: LaDonna. Photo: Tim Bennett
Model: Courtney Crave. MUA/H: LaDonna. Photo: Tim Bennett

Q: You have a wealth of experience in the industry, dating back to 1995, correct? Please briefly describe your education and training.

I started my training back in 1994-95, with Diane’s School Of Modeling at the Diane Dick Modeling agency in Amarillo, Texas, where I also taught a few classes on makeup. From there I dabbled in the industry here and there while attending the University of North Texas majoring in Art History. I also took theatrical makeup at UNT. I then worked for MAC cosmetics for about 3 years, where I had a management position and was a member of the elite Impact Team.

Q: You’re known by some for saying that being fired was the best thing that ever happened to you. From what job were you fired and how did that open up new doors for you?

Leaving MAC ended up benefiting me greatly. I was definitely fed up with retail. My career at MAC led me to where I am today, but it took getting fired for being tardy in December 2008 to force me to pursue my real dream of being a professional makeup artist. Fortunately, my family and fiancé were very supportive, so I was able to build my business and get my name out there without getting distracted by a “real job”. I also have to thank all that networking I had been doing for the past decade when I was out and about. A lot of the friends I have made over the years grew up to be fabulous photographers and models, and they really helped me get on my feet.

Q: What advice do you have for those who want a gig like yours?

The best advice I can give to anyone who wants to do what I do is to go work for MAC or some other makeup line that offers training and the opportunity to work on all sorts of random people. You will be ready for any face that you are asked to work on. The other bit of very important advice I would give is don’t turn down TFP work (trade for print), unless the photographer totally sucks. EVERY job I have done for trade has led me to more clients and paid gigs. Treat every job like you are making $100 per hour. You never know who is watching!

Model: Angela Ryan MUA/H: LaDonna  Photo: H James Hoff for Art with Latex
Model: Angela Ryan MUA/H: LaDonna Photo: H James Hoff for Art with Latex

Q: What’s the most rewarding aspect of your job? The most challenging aspect?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping to create art and making people feel great about themselves. I love working with regular gals, some who have never worn makeup or felt pretty. There is beauty in every woman, and it is awesome to help them discover that. It’s also fun working with my modely-models and coming up with creative new concepts!

The most challenging aspect of my job would probably be finding time for my family. I am usually the busiest on weekends, I start very early (8 or earlier) and do as many jobs as I can cram into my day and night, sometimes 4 or 5 all over the metroplex. Just looking at my schedule makes my feet hurt sometimes. I love what I do so it doesn’t really feel like work!

Q: Do you have any makeup pet peeves or makeup pitfalls to which you think most women commonly succumb?

Never skip mascara! Otherwise have fun, be creative, and the rules are made to be broken. Perfecting the skin with at least a little concealer or powder is essential for pulling off any makeup look. I love to see creative, crazy makeup on people, but it just doesn’t work if your zits and dark under-eye circles are uncovered.

Q: Any upcoming events or projects you’d like to discuss?

I have several projects coming up that I am really excited about, not limited to but including a big campaign with Shelly Singleton of SKS Cosmetics showcasing her makeup line, a fabulous shoot with Through the Looking Glass Studios involving a huge moon prop, a House of Mob fashion show, and a Brutal Beauties shoot with Roxanne Dale by H. James Hoff for Brutal Industries. I am also look forward to resuming my Lempicka project that I have been working on with Neither Noir Studios and anything involving accessories by Slipshod Sally. And of course my wedding to Jason Stein in October!

Model: Tammy G. MUA/H: LaDonna. Photo: Travis Lilley for HatePoll
Model: Tammy G. MUA/H: LaDonna. Photo: Travis Lilley for HatePoll

Q: What goals do you have for the upcoming year?

One of my goals for the upcoming year is to get more of my work published in magazines. My work will be in a spread in an upcoming issue of AltNoir magazine featuring Kaia in clothing by Victoria Velvet shot by H. James Hoff. I would also like to see more development of the Brutal Beauties project by Brutal Industries, and help my friends in the industry become more successful and achieve their goals too!

Q: What are your 5 favorite beauty products?

Eyeshadow by SKS cosmetics, dry spray wax for hair, MAC Brushes (essentials – 224, 212, 160), MAC Russian Red Lipstick, Magic Powder by SKS cosmetics

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