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Selling Out Show After Show is No Accident: Meet The Lollie Bombs

Story: Shoshana; Photos: Benn Britt and Through the Looking Glass

Year after year, audiences pack into the cozy Pocket Sandwich Theater, sip on sangria served in a pitcher, and enjoy their favorite late night revue- with everything from a crazed Zombie shooting character, to a pill poppin’ princess, and a gal dropping down from the ceiling performing a silks number, this evening is anything but “traditional” burlesque. Since forming in 2006, The Lollie Bombs and their Valentine’s Day show has become a Dallas tradition. In fact, the Lollies are so popular, that in a city known for its distaste for pre-show ticket sales, much preferring the walk-up route, they sell out almost every performance way in advance. So what is the secret to the Lollies success, we decided to try and find out.

Like most great creations, the zygote that later became The Lollie Bombs started out as a crazy idea in the head of woman. Miss Angi B Lovely had the idea of starting a burlesque troupe, and went to visit a theater owner who was looking for a reoccurring booking. She quickly rounded up four other dancing pals- Lily Lawless, Roxie Moxie, Kitty B, and Lady J. After performing 3 shows under the name “Burlesque Contempo”, the gals decided they were in need of a lot of assistance. “We weren’t really considering ourselves a ‘troupe’, at the time – really we were just putting on a burlesque show in a town where no one knew anything about burlesque and there was no ‘scene’ as of yet.”, explains Roxie Moxie, who relocated to Seattle in 2008.

Eric Hall went to one of the earliest shows, and agreed that the ladies had a lot of potential. Hall was hired as the group’s choreographer, and the show started to really come together. Along with the new skill set, the ladies decided they needed a new name. During a late night brainstorming session, Lawless popped out with “The Lollie Bombs” and it was a hit! The Lollie Bombs began performing in different venues around Dallas, and pounding the pavement with handmade flyers, until they had developed quite a following- but they still needed a permanent home. They found that home in the summer of 2007 in The Pocket Sandwich Theater, and the troupe had changed a bit. While Roxie Moxie, Angi B Lovely, and Lily Lawless remained, Kitty and Lady moved off to other cities; while Black Mariah, Miss Malicious, and Jai L Bait joined the troupe.

Pocket Sandwich audiences loved the Lollie Bombs late night performances, and the theater loved the new fans that the Lollies brought in with them. The Lollie Bombs began doing shows every other month at the theater, and achieved a consistency with audiences that many other troupes and producers haven’t been able to achieve. That consistency opened the doors to many media outlets, who simply weren’t interested in a fly by night production- either those newly starting out, or constantly switching venues with no regularity. Media brings in more fans, and fans bring in more media, creating a hefty audience base for the troupe, but media won’t keep fans coming back. What gives the ladies such a regular fan base of folks who come again and again? Part of that may be their high attention to production detail- putting on an entire theatrical spectacle. Another part is certainly the diversity of the show, and the constant revamping and growth in The Lollie repertoire. While members have come and gone, and new members have come on, The Lollie Bombs continue to thrive. The current Lollies are Angi B Lovely (left the troupe briefly to relocate to Houston, but returned to the group as soon as she returned to Dallas), Miss Malicious, Black Mariah, Jai L Bait (joined 2007, left for a brief spell, and returned in 2009), Trixi Toxic (joined 2008), Scarlette Switches (2009). For more on the troupe’s success, we decided to ask the ladies of The Lollie Bombs themselves.

Meet The Lollie Bombs:


Angi B Lovely
Angi B. Lovely began performing at a very young age as part of a dance group called the Konocti Klogging Kids. As a teenager Angi discovered Ball Room dance and worked as a dance instructor, competing at the professional level. She studied musical theater and pursued an acting career. Eventually, Angi’s interests turned to circus arts– fire spinning, aerial silks, and hula hoop.  As a founding member of the Lollie Bombs, Angi B. Lovely has been involved in Burlesque since 2006.  Her current repertoire is a mix of dance, theater and circus art. 

Q: In your opinion, what is the secret to the success of The Lollie Bombs?

The secret to The Lollie Bombs success is being able to adapt and change as time goes on, we are always looking forward and improving on the production value of our shows. Also, we are an extremely multifaceted group of girls and our repertoire is always expanding, you never know what to expect from a Lollie Bombs show. 

Q: What do audiences love most about you?
Audiences love me for my diverse skill set, especially hula hoops and aerial acrobatics.

Q: Who should be cast as you in the movie about your life?

Lucille Ball

Q: When did you know you should be a performer?

I knew I was meant to be a performer when I would bring my tutu to preschool and ask change into it during recess. 


Miss Malicious
Q: In your opinion, what is the secret to the success of The Lollie Bombs?

The secret to the Lollies success is diversity. You get it all for the price of 20 bucks- acrobatic work, snarky gals, butts, boobies, and fantastic choreography- Everything!

Q: What do audiences love most about you?

Audiences love me for my sarcasm and I think my butt; along with my thought provoking numbers and the overall destruction of everything. 

Q: When did you know you should be a performer?

I knew I was meant to be a performer when I was 6 years old and would act out every movie I saw. I was never shy; my step mother used to say I could have been easily abducted as a child because I would talk to ANYONE, especially if they had an animal with them.

I started acting in plays when I was 8 or 9, and dancing and doing gymnastics around the same time. I have always loved the stage. In junior high we would skip class by saying we had a big performance coming up, go to Drama, hang out with the teacher and build props all day. Somehow I still passed everything!

Q: What’s your pre-show ritual?

I rehearse a bit…eat some carbs so I don’t get hungry during a show…then get a beer…Stella or Blue Moon.

Black Mariah
Q: What is your pre-show ritual?

I listen to music by Brian Setzer Orchestra. I love his music and it puts me in the mood to perform. I also listen to the music I am performing to that evening on my IPod with my headphones. I close my eyes and visualize the routine from beginning to end and see it as if it is a goal I have already achieved. Physically rehearsing is just as important as mentally rehearsing.

Q: What is the secret to the Lollie Bombs success?

Diversity in every aspect of our performance.

Q: What do audiences love most about you?

Curves and comedy! I don’t take myself so seriously that I can’t laugh at myself. I’m not perfect; I think that makes me relatable to my audience.

Q: Who should be cast as you in the movie about your life?

Zooey Deschanel


Jai L’ Bait
A true old soul, Jai L’ Bait knows to much for her own good. Abandon at the age of two, she was brought up by the gypsies. At an early age, she had the knack to capture audience’s attention. She was trained to use her looks and talents to her advantage and soon, as a weapon. Shimmy and shaking her way on the stage, she caught the attention of the Lollie Bombs where she joined their burlesque group. A natural seducer, you older guys may want to watch your back! This young temptress is here for the music and mischief. Get ready for trouble…

Q: When did you know you should be a performer?

I knew I was meant to be a performer when I was a child and I begged my parents to take me to auditions to Corpus Christi to audition for the Selena movie. Then I threw a dramatic fit because they told me no and I was extremely frustrated because I was convinced I would get the part. I was about 9.

Q: What is the secret to The Lollies’ success?

There is no one like us. We truly are a unique group that brings something unheard of in the burlesque world.

Q: What do audiences love most about you?

Ha! The fact that I look like a 12 yr. old, my blasphemy, and according to the Lollies–my booty! 

Q: Who should be cast as you in the movie about your life?

Mila Kunis

Scarlette Switches

Scarlette Switches

SCARLETTE SWITCHES is no stranger to burlesque and the art of the tease. She has been performing in risqué groups and as a solo artist for over 10 years. As a singer, model and burlesque artist, her style often combines influences of cabaret, vintage fetish and Hollywood glamour. She performed alongside Jamie Deadly, Angela Ryan, and Athena Fatale in “Burlesque on the Fringe.” She also performed as a guest artist with “Fluff Girl Burlesque.”  She joined the Lollie Bombs Burlesque in early 2009.

Q: What is the secret to The Lollies’ success?

Diversity and courage.

Q: What do audiences love most about you?

Audiences love me for my TNA and naughty songs.

Q: What is your pre-show ritual?

I have a ritual of taking about 3 hours to either have hair and make-up done for me or DIY.

Q: What is your favorite physical feature on yourself?

My eyes.


Trixi Toxic
While according to her MySpace profile, she loves Autumn, Resident Evil, Zombies, Barbies, and Vampires–she apparently does not like email or interviews.

Upcoming Shows:
The Lollie Bombs next performance is The Valentine’s Show on February 12 & 13 at The Pocket Sandwich Theater. Call 214.821.1860 for reservations.

Three Lollies: Miss Malicious, Black Mariah, and Scarlette Switches will be performing in the Amour Show- A Lust Filled Burlesque Comedy- on February 27th at the Lakewood Theater. Call 214.821.7469 for tickets.

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