Ask a Makeup Artist: Red Lipstick


Almost all of the big name pin-up models wear red lipstick. All of the modern beauty magazines say not to line your lips when wearing red, and to do minimal eye make-up. When I try and wear red, I’m just not pulling it off. How can I successfully create the vintage pinup look with red lipstick? — Samantha in Houston

Samantha in Houston,

Red lips are a classic pinup look and can pick up your whole face when you don’t have a lot of time for makeup.  My best advice for wearing them well is to always apply a dark or bright lipstick with a lip brush so that you have total control and can achieve perfect symmetry.  If you are not comfortable with a true red, then try a sheer red lipstick or gloss, or tone it down with a brown lip liner. Just be sure to blend really well!  It also helps to wear a light application of a bright blush in the same tone as the lipstick.  This will pull the whole look together.  The general rule with red lips is to keep the eyes more neutral.  You can’t go wrong with a nice black liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line.  Now go and be fabulous!

–LaDonna Hearne of Drop Dead Gorgeous

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