Mixing and Mingling with Miss Kitty Baby

Photo: iROK Images

Photo: iROK Images


At BurlyCon 2013 I had the honor of teaching a class called “How to Mix and Mingle with your Adoring Fans.”  I love to socialize with my audience and this makes me a “Socialite Stripper.”


Mingling with your audience post-show can not only be a valuable marketing tactic, it can sometimes be part of your contract for a special event.  It’s a wonderful skill to have in your beyond-the-stage toolkit.


Some highlights I can share today are:


  • Use the opportunity to reinforce who you are to the audience members by sharing a business card or future show flyer with those who approach you.


  • Talking with the audience after a show and taking pictures with them extends the showgirl/showboy experience for a fan beyond the stage show.  Often leaving them with a delightful “I got to meet the dancer” feeling and winning their hearts.


  • Accept compliments with an open heart.  A compliment is just as much about a person’s desire to muster up the kind words and deliver them to you as it is about you yourself.


  • Be patient:  Your audience is often more intoxicated than you are.  This can lead to all kinds of skill needed to navigate your fancy self amongst a sea of tipsy fans.


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